Top 4 tips for choosing your dining table

Top 4 tips for choosing your dining table

If you are thinking of buying a table or custom metal table legs for your home, we are sure that this will interest you. The table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a room and becomes the center of it. The size, materials, and style must fit with us since it will be a very important element of our house.

We want to give you some brief but important advice on how to choose a table for the dining room. Let us begin!

1. What use will you give?

Is it a day-to-day table where you are going to have lunch and dinner? Will the children do their homework on it? Will you also use it for work? If so, you will need a practical dining table with the smart space furniture, with a surface for the bomb test. Later we will see materials that will come in handy for this type of situation.

Another factor that influences is if you usually organize dinners at home, for which you will need a large table, even one that can be extended if the family increases and we also have solar system equipment suppliers

2. What material do I choose?

We should always ask this question since it is one of the most important elements. Before getting into the matter, let’s remember that the perfect material does not exist and each of them has different properties. It will be our task to find the one that best fits our house within the budget that we have set for ourselves and the style that we want to give to the dining room.

If you are going to use your new dining table a lot, we recommend that you look at tables with surfaces in Silestone, Dekton, or porcelain. They are tremendously resistant tables, of incredible beauty and also, with a very high degree of customization, since they have many options for textures and colors.

If the use is something more occasional, glass can be a great ally since it is extremely elegant, very bright, and is available in various colors, from more neutral ones such as grey, white, or black to much more striking ones.

Tables with a laminated wood surface are an excellent option if we do not want to spend a lot on our new dining table and are looking for practicality and design. Here we can combine it with steel or wood structures and neutral colors plus a Nordic style or go directly to industrial-style models.

3. What measurements do I need?

Take into account both the physical space you have to place the table in and, of course, the number of diners you are going to be. The idea is to leave at least 70cm of space around the table and about 50cm per diner, to be comfortable. 

This leaves us in that a table for 4 people can be perfectly 1 meter long. Apply this rule to your specific case and you will have the measure you need.

4. Extendable or fixed?

Linked to the previous section, we have the possibility of extending the table. Keep in mind that this option makes the final product more expensive and is perfect when we are not always the same diners and therefore we need much more space on certain occasions or, the room is small but we need a large table to be able to collect when we don’t need it.

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