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Hello dear authors, writing is a passion, and we are looking for passionate content writers who can write content on various topics and niches. If you are looking for a genuine guest posting platform, your search ends here.

Content writing is the art of explaining, convincing, informing, and majorly describing complicated things in a simple manner that a layperson can understand without putting much effort.

We would love to work with professional and committed writers who know how to write knowledgeable content by following our community guidelines (you will find guidelines after some paras).

Who are we, and what type of content we keen to publish?

Natforce.org is a blog posting community where we publish articles in numerous categories. We, as an organization, believe in and follow a transactional approach toward our writers and team members.

Our website publishes knowledgeable and valuable content that isn’t just words and provides real value in the reader’s life.

You should address your blog’s subject in such a way that it covers solution of reader’s problem in effective manner.

While writing content, keep the target audience’s perspective in your mind so that your content comes out as per their expectations.

The Reason behind publishing blogs in numerous categories:

The motive of Natforce is to serve a worldwide audience and fulfill their demand of getting quality content consistently.

As a global community, we have to cover multiple categories to satisfy the different tastes of our audience.

Also, to spread our reach and gain a wider readership, we cover almost all writing categories except adult and pornography content.

Content categories in which we accept guest posts:

Here is the list of categories in which we usually publish quality content:

  • News
  • Current affairs
  • Technology
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Gaming
  • Jewelry
  • CBD/Plant
  • Sport
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Media
  • Reviews
  • Local and Global politics

If you are not finding your write-up category in this list, there is no need to worry. You can mail us your topic and its details then our team will manage it.

Content guidelines that every author needs to follow for getting published their blog on our website:

Do effective research before writing an article and submit detailed content:

Today anyone can find desirable information through the internet. Internet evolution has both cons and pros. On one side, you can search for anything at your fingertips and get desirable results, but most of the time, it lacks authenticity.

Nowadays, people appreciate and want to read research-based authentic content that gives pertinent and desirable information.

To achieve the level of trust, you must have practical research skills so that you can write content with supporting links to your article/blog.

After doing research, you have to write a detailed piece of content that should cover all the relevant and helpful information in your article.

In short, including a detailed well-researched piece of content in your blog is a must.

Write grammatically correct content:

Being grammatically correct gives you an edge over other writers. It boosts confidence and creates a flow in writing.

Grammatical mistakes, whether small or obvious, negatively impact the reader’s mind and judge your content as low-quality.

Inclusion of fancy and complex words looks good, but they have a specific limit; after crossing it, they start affecting your content’s readership because hardly there is someone who is going to read your article while holding a dictionary in their hand.

So it is always better to set a balance between them and avoid grammar mistakes, self-explanatory ones because they are highly noticeable.

Maintain originality and check plagiarism before sending to us:

Originality is a thing that people appreciate and want in most fields, especially in writing which is known for its creativeness.

You can generate content by copying someone’s work, but it won’t make you credible. After finding the source, people will eventually start reading the original work instead of your copied version.

However, there is a difference between copying someone’s works and taking inspiration from them. The former is unethical and non-appreciable, while the latter is completely fine.

Most writers take inspiration from successful and famous write-ups and try to replicate the same charisma in their language and style.

After writing the content, you shall check for plagiarism. If your write-up hits plagiarism, fix the affected part and then send it to us.

Avoid using low quality and spin content in your blog:

Spin content is another form of copied content that people often use to avoid plagiarism issues in search engines. It is also known as low-quality content.

Usage of spinner tools makes content plagiarism-free, but they wash out their readability by breaking content’s flows and including more complex words, which we generally don’t use in our write-ups.

Your article shall not include any spin content to get published on our website.

Media needs to be added in all kind of blogs:

The media’s inclusion can make any article/blog interesting. It helps readers to understand the content quickly and in a better way.

Many people feel bored while reading long-form content, but attractive media keeps them hooked.

To publish guest posts on our website, you need to add a minimum of one image for each subject of your post.

In addition, you can also add related videos to your post for better understanding.

About external linking and word limits:

We don’t allow more than two do-follow links in a guest post, and they should be in the author bio section or in-form hyperlink with text.

In addition, our do-follow links will also be placed in guest posts.

Your post should contain at least 1000 words, and the upper limit is 3000 words. However, we can adjust word limits for quality content.

How to submit guest blog post?

You would require to send your blog post through email. The email subject needs to be mentioned precisely for unambiguous identification. It should be in word format.

To get the maximum benefit of guest posting, you should publish your article on various social media platforms to get more reach.

Still, have any queries? Feel free to contact us

Email id: info@natforce.org