4 Easy Steps To Donating A Tree In Memory Of A Loved One

4 Easy Steps To Donating A Tree In Memory Of A Loved One

Donating a tree in memory of a loved one has various benefits. It is a worthwhile tribute, especially to those who were environmentally cautious or concerned with the well-being of the future generation. No other memorial gift can match the effects of donating a tree to the environment. 

Additionally, this process is A Living Tribute, which symbolizes the transformation of a person’s pain into peace and acceptance. Do you intend to donate a tree in memory of a loved one? Below are 4 easy steps:

1. Do It Yourself

This is the most preferred method of donating a tree to a loved one. You can plant a tree in your garden to honor a loved one. It is imperative to consider the type of tree, region, height, and how it will spread. 

Secondly, select trees that have an appropriate symbolic meaning. You may want to consider what each tree symbolizes. Below are a few examples:

  • Apple- love
  • Cedar-Eternity
  • Lilac- renewal/ rebirth
  • Magnolia- beauty, perseverance
  • Oak- strength and courage
  • Pecan –wealth and abundance

Upon selecting a tree of your choice, it is time to dig a hole and plant it.

2. Donate A Tree For A Reforestation Project

Another method of donating a tree to a loved one is participating in a specific reforestation project. You can buy a tree or select a specific project as part of the ongoing restoration of damaged forests. Sometimes, damages occur due to infernos, acid rain, and insect infestation, among other factors.

There are numerous organizations whose sole purpose is to plant trees where they are most needed. Memorial trees are usually planted in designated areas of US national forests to replace damaged ones. An alternative to sending flowers to your loved ones is to dedicate a tree as a memorial gift.

A tree is an affordable, lasting, and thoughtful gift. It is the most efficient way of expressing sympathy and allowing the memory of someone to live on. Participate in one of them, and a card detailing a memorial gift of a tree is sent to the deceased’s family.

3. Offer Tree Keepsakes At A Memorial Service

To show appreciation for the attendance of family members and friends, you should hand over a small token at the memorial service. This small gesture can go a long way in reminding all attendees of the deceased’s life. Alternatively, donating a tree at the memorial service to be planted afterward as a living memory of your loved one is thoughtful.

4. Use Cremated Ashes While Planting A Memorial Tree

Contrary to popular belief, planting ashes to grow trees is not a novelty. It’s practical, and this is one of the most recent ways of donating a tree to a loved one. To perform this action, you will pour ashes over the tree to make it stronger and healthier. The simple instructions are as follows:

  • Pour the remains into the urn
  • Prep the seeds if need be
  • Plant the tree

In particular, you will have paid tribute to your loved one through the growth of a memorial tree using the deceased’s remains in ash form.

Donate A Tree In Memory Of A Loved One Through A Reforestation Organization

It is without a doubt that donating a tree in memory of a loved one is the most suitable method of honoring them. Incomparable in its nature, donating a tree stands the test of time. Suppose you want to donate a tree in memory of a loved one, partner with a reforestation organization, and choose your gift level while replanting natural forests.

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