What major companies hiring for ICP ACC coaches in India?

What major companies hiring for ICP ACC coaches in India?

An agile coach is a consultant who, instead of telling people what to do, helps teams create strategies, plans, and practices to become an effective group. They teach group members how to work together and encourage members of the team who are struggling with tasks. An agile coach can change the dynamic of a team by providing constant feedback throughout the process and helping individual leaders on the team recognize their strengths.

Here are the top companies hiring ICP ACC professionals-

1) Compass Group:

The world’s largest contract food service provider, Compass Group provides food and related products and services to millions of people each day. As a global leader in their industry, they provide their employees with training programs including but not limited to management development and coaching. An Associate Project Management Coach assists project managers by providing ongoing coaching and training services that help to align teams with business objectives.

Compensation: Salary is competitive based on experience and qualifications.

2) General Electric:

A multinational conglomerate company that is one of the largest companies in the world, General Electric provides opportunities for training, coaches, and management positions as well.

Compensation: Fortune 500 companies offer competitive benefits covering healthcare, retirement, and more.

3) Corsair:

Corsair is a company that offers aviation products and services to the general public. As one of the largest suppliers of avionics in the world, they offer a unique work environment with many opportunities for coaching and training!

Compensation: ICP ACC professionals salary is competitive based on experience, skills, and qualifications.

4) Capital One:

Capital One is an organization that provides a variety of financial solutions to the general public. In addition to this, they offer training, coaching, and other opportunities.

5) BBVA:

BBVA is a global financial services company based in Spain. They offer innovative solutions for our customers in the areas of consumer credit, investment solutions, retail banking, and corporate banking. As a consultant, you will work with project managers and provide coaching skills needed to help your team excel! You will also be able to use this experience to apply for management positions within the company!

6) Cisco:

Cisco is a company that provides networking and telecommunications products, services, and solutions. As a management consultant, you will focus on the networking side of things providing training and coaching skills to help your team!

7) PwC:

PwC is a multinational professional services network with over 189,000 people in over 100 countries. They offer consulting and management positions as well.


Amgen is a biotechnology company. They are actually one of the largest employers of project coaches in our industry! In addition to this, Amgen offers innovative training and coaching opportunities!


The job of an agile coach is unique because they have time-based projects that end following each cycle. After this point, there isn’t any more work for them on a specific project so they move on to their next client or project. The agile coach is not set in any one particular location and can work virtually anywhere where they have access to a computer. Also, the coach must have ICP ACC Membership.

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