What Causes Dandruff And How To Treat It?

What Causes Dandruff And How To Treat It?

Dandruff is the excessive flaking of dead skin on top of the scalp. Individuals between ages 18-60 may suffer from this condition. At the same time as mild dandruff entails only shampooing and making use of a cleanser, unrelenting condition calls for special attention as the condition can be to a certain extent discomforting and annoying.

For the most part, the fungus Malassezia furfur set in motion dandruff. Too much stress, hormonal disparity, inappropriate nutrition, genetic inclination, stress and nervousness, inappropriate shampooing of scalp can also set in motion dandruff. Concerning what is the cause of dandruff, cold weather conditions and dry inside heating are other factors that can make possible dandruff.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Dandruff is the flaking of scalp. It is identified as seborric dermatitis in general terms, and is the irritation of upper layers of skin causing scales on top of the scalp and other parts of the body. Dandruff appears at what time rate at which dead cells of the scalp drop and their reinstatement speeds up. Normal dandruff emerges as white flakes, and in severs conditions it may take account of greasy flakes, which are yellow in shade. Dandruff can impinge on any part of the body possessing hairs like eyebrows, chest, and ears. 

Regarding what is the cause of dandruff; following are some causes of dandruff:

  • Hormonal inequality
  • Deprived health condition
  • Poor cleanliness of hairs
  • Sensitive reactions
  • Emotional nervous tension
  • Using up of high fatty diet
  • Using up of innutritious food
  • Genetic factors
  • Too much use of chemicals on hairs 
  • Cold and dry climate 
  • Too little washing of hairs

Hair maintenance tips:

  • Take appropriate nourishing diet
  • Shampoo your hairs on a regular basis with non-chemical base 
  • At all times, dissolve shampoo in water before using it
  • Use a conditioner subsequent to you use shampoo
  • Always clean all the shampoo with clean water
  • Get your hairs trimmed on a regular basis to avoid splitting
  • Stay away from using hairstyling gels, chemical hair colors
  • Comb and brush your hairs on a regular basis
  • Avoid usage of electric driers and allow them air dry
  • Mild hair massage ought to be done on a regular basis 
  • Avoid too much nervous tension
  • Have a sound sleep for 8 hours
  • Oil must be left on hairs and scalp for not over 2 hours
  • Take appropriate amount of rest

Natural Treatment for Dandruff

Once you make out what is the cause of dandruff, you can take advantage of the following for the treatment of dandruff:

Amla: A potent hair growth promoter, which helps us in redefining our vanished hairline. At the same time as this herb is of cold effectiveness it helps in holding back the main wrongdoer in causing hair fall and untimely graying of hairs. As it acts on improving liver functioning, which is very essential in proper digestion, helps in creating a strong environment in our body, which will set in motion good growth of hairs. It is a well-established fact that by making use of Amla on a regular basis, graying of hairs can easily be deferred.

Brahmi: A well-known herb utilized since time immemorial for improving hair growth and reminiscence power. Owing to its actions, it facilitates in promoting hair growth quicker. It has certain properties which aids in repairing the damages cropped up in hair follicles owing to lack of maintenance and helps in normalizing the damage made to revive the lost part of hairs. This is the only basis you can still mark out women having very long, black and fine-looking hairs regardless of old age. 

Other methods: Massaging the scalp by way of fenugreek paste, lemon juice or almond oil mixed with vinegar also takes care of easygoing dandruff and are a few trendy home remedies. Eggs can be beaten and the combination can be massaged on top of the hair and scalp or you can blend 100 gm witch hazel with a small amount of lemon juice and apply it on top of hair and scalp for instantaneous relief.

You should also take care to not use too much hair styling gels or sprays or wear stiff fitting cap to protect yourself against dandruff. Good personal cleanliness, good diet, avoiding inappropriate shampooing and dietary supplements will facilitate in preserving good hair. At the same time as dandruff occurs owing to the natural practice of the human body, efforts can be made to manage it. 

Neem oil also offers respite for inflammation and redness of scalp linked with dandruff conditions. You must curb yourself from changing shampoos day after day and fix to one that goes well with your organization and scalp condition. Maintaining the scalp clean by normal cleansing is itself sufficient to avoid hair fall and other hair interrelated problems.

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