What are the professional directions of IT majors in Australia?

What are the professional directions of IT majors in Australia?

Australian universities strive to innovate in computer technology, have a very high level, and have developed many high-tech talents. As people become more and more dependent on the Internet and electronic products, all walks of life need computer-related talents. Australia has a wide range of IT courses for students to choose from, let’s take a comprehensive look at it!

1. Business Information System

The business information system major is a major that combines business and IT. It has a history of more than 50 years since the beginning of research. As one of the immigration majors, although it does not have the popularity of accounting and traditional pure IT majors, in today’s information age, it is widely used and has a bright future. The learning content of this major combines IT and business ingeniously, and uses some modern information technology and information system management methods to deal with and solve business-related problems. Graduates majoring in business information system will be able to better create company value and improve company profits by constructing the company’s IT equipment and infrastructure reasonably and effectively.

2. Software Engineering

Software engineering is a major that is closely related to engineering under the IT branch. The term “software” refers to all information processed by a computer system, including web browsing, computer programs, mobile applications, and digital media programs. This major requires students to in-depth study of software engineering knowledge, design, development and maintenance of software systems. Software engineers design, write, and test software, systems, and other behaviors to improve the efficiency and reliability of computers and other electronic devices and to meet the unique needs of users.

3. Information system

The information system is composed of computer hardware, network and communication equipment, computer software, information resources, information users and rules and regulations, and is a man-machine integrated system for the purpose of processing information flow. This major covers a wide range of knowledge and skills essential to IT staff, such as project management, change management, information technology, IT strategy, security and services. Students can improve their IT skills, conduct in-depth exploration and understanding of information systems, improve their ability to develop and manage information systems to adapt to changing processes, and enhance their professional competitiveness after graduation.

4. Computer Science

Computer science is the next macroscopic and comprehensive major in the IT branch. By choosing this major, students will be exposed to key concepts about computing. Students learn the principles and techniques necessary to solve tasks using computation, computers, and how to use software to represent these solutions. In addition, students will solve problems such as how to use computer modeling and how to infer the limits of what computers can reach. This major can provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to innovate in information technology and create a foundation for future challenges.

5. Network Technology

The use and rapid development of network technology and the Internet is an inevitable trend in today’s world. Due to the openness and diversity of the network, it is very vulnerable to hackers or malware attacks. The management and maintenance of computer network becomes very important, and these are the important reasons why many students choose network technology major. This major aims to cultivate students’ ability to create, maintain, and manage complex network systems, and to be able to solve network failures in a timely manner, maintain the normal operation of the network, and make more effective use of network resources.

6. Cyber security

In today’s society, with the continuous development of Internet technology, people’s dependence on the network is also increasing. Due to the open nature of the Internet, network security issues such as personal privacy leakage have also begun to receive increasing attention, and the shortage of such talents has become a worldwide problem. As a branch of IT majors, the network security course helps students gain an in-depth understanding of software and network security knowledge and cultivate professional talents.

Career prospects for IT professionals in Australia

The employment advantages of IT majors are reflected in:

  1. Australia’s IT education is high-quality and leading, students can generally obtain higher-level certification in the industry after completing the IT master’s program.
  2. The employment prospects of Australian IT graduates are very impressive, and it is also one of the fastest growing industries in Australia.

The starting salary for a programmer is $45,000, while a programmer development manager can earn up to $150,000. Network administrators are paid $45,000, while network managers are paid $110,000.

From the perspective of age group, the salary of people in the 23-25 age group in the computer industry is significantly higher than in other industries.

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