Top 8 Snapchat scams that one needs to resist

Top 8 Snapchat scams that one needs to resist

Teenagers make up most Snapchat users, while other social networking sites have users of various ages. As a result, the younger user demographic is more susceptible to Snapchat hacking. Intriguingly, in 2016 phishing attacks also targeted Snapchat workers. According to the blog post, an employee accidentally revealed private information in an email that appeared to be sent by the company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel. In addition, the employee supplied some crucial firm-related information containing data from several employees’ payrolls since they believed it was a legitimate request. 

The firm, however, managed it well. Systems within have not been compromised, including servers. Additionally, user information was secure from hackers. Finally, Snapchat scams were discovered shortly after the suspicious activity occurred, mitigating the damage. 

How to Learn If Someone Has Hacked Your Account? 

Using an account with one device at a time is Snapchat’s cardinal rule. You cannot access your account from another device until you have logged out from the first one. If you keep having problems entering the app and Snapchat keeps sending you emails, that is another indication that the account was compromised. 

You also start seeing messages you haven’t sent and discover new pals in your contacts list. To avoid a Snapchat scam, you must change the password and make sure it is secure.

Most popular Snapchat scams that one needs to avoid:

1. Snapchat premium scams:

The most popular Snapchat scam involves fraudsters setting up profiles to upload videos and pictures of women wearing bikinis. Then, they charge Snapchat users a fee to view photos of alluring beauties in their undressed state.

Snapchat scammers use Cash App and other mobile payment systems to obtain their payouts. However, they fail to provide the requested content after getting the payment. So instead, they send more teasers and ask for a heftier fee.

2. Meetup scams:

These Snapchat scams resemble premium scams quite a bit. However, scammers do not promise to deliver explicit consumer material or nude images in meetup scams. Instead, they pose as appealing models. The scammer promises to meet up for a specific sum. Unfortunately, the victim, who enjoys face-to-face interactions, falls for the trap. They end up providing the scammer with their credit card number and bank account information in the hopes that they will enjoy the in-person encounter.

3. Sex scams:

Sex frauds are widespread on various social media platforms, including Snapchat. Many young individuals who use Snapchat search for sexually explicit stuff online. Since con artists know their desires, they can successfully deceive users.

They’ll say they prefer communicating with you on a different dating site. So they send you a link that takes you to a third-party website that requests your credit card information. The fraudster’s disappearance after obtaining your money is not surprising then. Due to these Snapchat scams, several Snapchat users have lost money.

4. Email account recovery fraud:

By sending you emails, scammers can successfully pull off a phishing scam. The email will claim that you are locked out of your account, and that you can unlock it if you follow the instructions sent in the email. After clicking on the link provided in the email, you will arrive at a page resembling the actual Snapchat login screen. However, it is a fraudulent website aiming to collect personal information. You risk having your identity stolen as your account then gets compromised.

5. False promises to make money:

Scammers on Snapchat will utilize one of your friends’ accounts that have been compromised. They’ll propose sponsorship, promotion work, and other ways to make funds and ask you to pay. Additionally, they will want your login details to share promoting opportunities with other friends on your account. Finally, they will lock you out of your Snapchat account and steal your money once they have these credentials. 

6. Phony account recovery:

This is another Snapchat scam wherein fraudsters assume the identity of your friend or relative. They’ll attempt to steal private data from a compromised account. They’ll say they can’t recall their login information and then ask you for your login details to search for their Snapchat account.

7. Romance scams:

A variety of dating websites are where Snapchat scams begin. Scammers will ask you to switch to Snapchat for further conversations. They utilize false pictures and videos of attractive people. As a result, you’ll feel like you’re speaking with the person in the picture. It is referred to as a romance scam because scammers like to create authentic relationships before scamming them. They are also known as catfish scams.

8. Scam using chain messages:

Scammers pose as Snapchat officials to threaten you. They will message you stating that your private images will be deleted from your account or threaten to publicize personal photographs if you don’t share your funds. The scammers will present numerous additional false justifications like:

  • Your identity needs to be confirmed since you won a competition.
  • You will have the chance to get discount codes.
  • Amazon gift cards and concert tickets are among the valued items you’ll receive.

Many other Snapchat users receive these kinds of messages. So naturally, everyone will be thrilled by this message and obey the con artist’s directions. However, you should know that the official Snapchat staff will never deliver this message.

How to avoid Snapchat scams?

  • Never add strangers to your friend list, even if they claim that they know you.
  • Text, email, or call your friend if you find anything fishy with their Snapchat account so they can know their account has been hacked.
  • Never share your account details with anyone.
  • Always use a strong password so that scammers can’t hack your account.
  • Use two-factor Authentication to protect your account.
  • Constantly update the emails and phone numbers associated with your account.
  • Always be suspicious of all links and QR codes you get through messages. 

These steps will help you to prevent Snapchat scams and protect you from falling for these scams.


Like other social media networks, Snapchat has scams like data breaches. While some scammers fake genuine romantic claims, others prey on your credit or debit card to demand money. You need to choose a strong password and understand how these scams operate. Read more articles to learn about safety precautions and ways to evade Snapchat scams. Once an account has been compromised, scammers can also access your personal pictures, making it all the more critical for you to practice caution.

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