Top 5 most exclusive properties in Beverly Hills

Top 5 most exclusive properties in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills properties are one of the most sought-after pieces of real estate in the United States of America, if not the world. This place has been the home of many known celebrities not just in Hollywood but other famous people from other countries. Owning one is simply a clear statement of one’s wealth, prestigious status, and to some extent, level of success. 

This place also holds the status of being one of the most exclusive and with such exclusivity comes with a price. For this article, we will look at the 5 most expensive and exclusive properties in the most desired neighborhood.

1011 N Beverly Dr

This place is known to many as the Hearst Estate, named after its previous owner William Randolph Hearst who is a successful newspaper tycoon. It was constructed in 1926 and he lived here with his wife and legendary actress, Marion Davies. This place is also popular for being the honeymoon getaway for the former President and First Lady John F. Kennedy.

It’s popularity though is not simply because of the previous owners but also because of its rich history and great architecture. The home was designed by Gordon Kaufman to be a one of a kind mansion. It features an infinite assemblage of luxurious living spaces that are mostly located in the main home, which has a total of nice bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms. 

It also boasts of a formal living room that includes a 22-foot-high arched ceiling that is beautifully hand painted It also has a historic 2-storey library designed with wood panels and a fireplace as well as a billiards room that also includes its own fireplace, both of which are reminiscent of the Hearst Castle. 

The place has entertainment amenities like an art-deco nightclub, screening rooms, grand state public rooms, etc. that can accommodate a total of 1,000 guests. How’s that for a grand evening of partying!

619 N Arden DR

This Wallace Neff Spanish house is located on a very unique double lot that gives its owners a total of almost one acre of lot in a stunning gated park-like property. This place is considered to be a masterpiece that is a fusion of the original features of the old home built in the property combined with modern and most up-to-date features.

When you enter this property, you will be greeted by a magnificent entryway leading to a curving staircase that finally rises to a majestic dome ceiling that is carefully hand-painted. If you find the interior awe inspiring, you will definitely be impressed by the outdoor spaces as well. You will be treated by expansive rolling lawns, strategically positioned fountains, a green house, as well as a pool and a spa. 

This home also features a Dolby-certified home theater and other entertainment facilities enough to keep your guests entertained. Staying here is like living in your very own leisure resort.

918 N Roxbury DR

Imagine resort-style living in your very own Italian villa-inspired mansion designed by none other than the famous architect Kevin Clark. This Mediterranean inspired masterpiece uses materials and incorporates designs that reflect exquisite European sensibility. 

As you go around this 15,328 square feet mansion, you will be treated to inlaid walnut and marble flooring that is complemented by sill carpets, exquisite millwork crown molding, and antique wood-burning fireplaces. It also offers world class facilities that include a spa, a pool, gym, a home theater, among others. 

67 Beverly Parks CT

Also known as the Villa Firenze, this place transports you to a world of its own. The property is accessible only through its own roadway and very own entrance that features enormous gates that lead to an extensive courtyard.

This place took a total of seven years to construct and develop following the owner’s point of view. It boasts of a 20,000 square feet of space that includes formal spacious meeting spaces and a two-story guest house that are meant to inspire awe. It also has different facilities that will not just keep your guests entertained but treat them to an extravagant experience. The main home boasts of a grand total of 20 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. It also includes a 30-car courtyard, topped by 40-foot palm trees.

825 Loma Vista DR

This home is considered a masterpiece of English manor design and considered the most exclusive as well being both a private and well guarded sanctuary. This home features more than an acre of landscape lands that includes beautiful outdoor spaces, lush rolling lawns, as well as magnificent and well manicured gardens. 

It also boasts of a 50-foot living room that is located in a 2-storey foyer that is designed and built using reclaimed wood planks for its floors as well as a huge dining area that includes its own bar. Of course, it also has amenities that are meant to entertain such as a pool, play areas, professional theater, among many others.

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