The four ways an adjustable bed can help with arthritis

The four ways an adjustable bed can help with arthritis

Our adjustable beds with mattresses will delight customers who are looking for a comfortable and adjustable bed. They offer convenience and comfort. In our previous blog, we looked at how adjustable mattresses might be used to ease lower back pain. Can it provide relief for chronic joint pain such as arthritis, like arthritis, or only temporarily? Adjustable beds offer better sleeping conditions for those suffering from degenerative arthritis.

It is not easy to find the best mattress for sleeping, especially when you have trouble sleeping and need a good night’s rest. This article discusses some of the most common factors in choosing your ideal adjustable bed mattress.

Understanding arthritis

Osteoarthritis leads to joint inflammation, tissue damage, and joint pain. It occurs at the joints of bones that join. Osteoarthritis has the most widespread form. It is caused due to the loss of cartilage that protects our joints. Osteoarthritis is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation and pain to the joints. Gout, also known as arthritis, is a painful condition caused by the body’s inability to get rid of excess Uric Acid. This causes swelling.

What is the advantage of adjustable beds?

Really, there are four…

1. Electric adjustable beds enable more comfortable sleeping positions

If you’ve ever had to be tossed around in your sleep position, you’ll know that the solution is changing how you position your body. The pressure points. If you do not have an adjustable bed, it is possible to manually move the pillow. With the remote control, you can raise or lower the foot or head of your twin adjustable bed. This makes it much easier to alleviate pressure from the arthritis joint.

2. Adjustable beds increase blood flow, circulation

Blood flow simulation can help reduce joint pain and swelling. A motorized mattress can be used to move and improve blood circulation. This will help reduce joint pain.

3. Adjustable beds distribute weight evenly over pressure points

Weight on the joints is a major contributor to inflammation. It can also lead to the degeneration of cartilage. You can make small adjustments throughout the night to improve your sleep quality. A memory foam mattress can provide additional support and comfort.

4. Adjustable beds’ massage function relieves pain and reduces muscle spasms

Massage can be quite obvious but it can also stimulate circulation, and intercede with pain signals sent by the brain from the joints.

Temporary relief from arthritis pain can be achieved by using an adjustable bed

You can use products like our adjustable bed to help manage chronic pain such as osteoarthritis. A doctor will recommend that you consult a physician to determine if medication, exercise, nutrition, and pain medication are appropriate. This blog is not intended as a replacement for chiropractic and medical care.

Better circulation

An adjustable bed is also able to improve blood circulation. It is possible to place your bed in a zero-gravity position. This will elevate your head and legs. This position will increase blood circulation and decrease vein contraction. This elevation can aid in reducing varicose blood flow and enhancing the body’s ability to absorb more. An adjustable bed can be an excellent option for heart patients. Inclining your position will improve blood circulation.


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