How To Use Tango Live Application For Video Chat?

How To Use Tango Live Application For Video Chat?

On the Tango Streaming app, you can showcase your talent to the world, you can go online to start your own broadcast when users watch your videos if you’re talented and creative you can earn a lot of money.

Download tango streaming app

First of all, you need to go to the play store and you can type in tango streaming and the application come on top with a red ‘T’ logo, once you download it to your device you need to tap on so once you tap on open and you can sign up using your phone with the phone number option.

After creating an account you can edit your profile from the profile section, you can change your profile picture, name & details. On the main page here you can see famous broadcasters & new streamers, you can follow the broadcasters here and find them later in the following section.

Tango app Live Video Streaming

When you open the tango streaming app and many people are broadcasting live they are showcasing their talent so if you think that you are talented and you can showcase the talent other people are doing right now you can just click on the live broadcast button.

Click on these three dots and you will see these options where you can battle with your friends, start a premium broadcast, write something in comments, add stickers, you can apply masks and add now go to the settings and select the friend’s option so that only your tango app friends can invite you to the battle and you will not get any random request you can set the duration of the battle and you can share your broadcast by clicking the share button.

You can share it on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms click the user icon to see the number of viewers, on your by clicking on this diamond icon you can see your viewers and broadcast statistics you can also see the diamonds received in the broadcast and you can also see the duration of your broadcast.

There is a live option where which you can use to go live and you can showcase your talent to the people and that’s how you can make money because people will send you some gifts diamonds as well and those diamonds you can convert it into real money.

In the live option, your front camera will open and you get the option to choose hashtags and use some popular and trending hashtags which can attract the audience to your video this is how you can do it once you’re done with the hashtags then you need to just tap on the public option it will connect you to the live audience right away.

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Tango Streaming App Diamond Value

As soon as people will come on the live broadcast they will send you some diamonds and when the value of the gift reaches five thousand diamonds you can withdraw your cash. if you convert five thousand diamonds it gives you 25 US dollars on tango streaming app.

There is another option of the party if we tap on the party as you can invite friends and you can make it like a public party so if you make it public party anyone see it and here anyone can join you.

How To Withdraw Tango Streaming Money?

You must connect to your Payoneer account to cash out so you need to create a pioneer account it’s very easy, Payoneer account activation may take some time.

Tango streaming app is a sweet audio and video app for both iPhone and android, recently received a significant round of funding and these guys are serious about connecting people check out this snippet from tango app on it doesn’t matter if you’re on an Android device or an iPhone they work together all you have to do is sign up for a tango app account and the app will locate the people around you and people who already have the app. Simply choose the person who is live and start talking.


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