Long sleeve top: A basic, winter and summer:

Long sleeve top: A basic, winter and summer:

If there is one essential, it’s a women’s black mesh top long sleeve top! And that’s why Solado offers this feminine essential from every angle. We have found you pretty blouses with bohemian prints or floral prints, for a fresh and dapper look: at the weekend, at work, or on vacation, they will follow you everywhere!

You won’t be able to do without a women’s long-sleeved t-shirt this winter! We like them basic, classic, fluid, tight, loose, and colorful… and we collect them in all colors for this season.

The women’s long-sleeve top can also be decorated with sequins, gold, or pearls so that you can shine in the evening. In winter, opt for a top with an embroidered or lace neckline, which can be seen under your favorite cardigan. And in summer? Choose light materials and oversized cuts.

In cold weather, the long-sleeved t-shirt can be combined with short or thick vests. This season, we note that this piece highlights the sense of detail: a little lace, a bow, and a few embroidered sequins.

long-sleeved t-shirt

You do not know how to dress when the temperature is not high enough to put on a lace tank top? So opt for the fluid and light women’s long-sleeved top that will keep you warm!

Our tips for pairing your women’s long-sleeved t-shirt:

Long-sleeved tops are a must-have and will be the basic piece to have in your wardrobe this season. To be combined with a skirt or trousers: the perfect and comfortable outfit for work without sacrificing your style. Or wear it with jeans and trainers: a very chic casual outfit for your weekend business trip.

We love it for its cut, its little lace details, its collar, its bare shoulders, and its finishes. It’s a real must! It adapts to any morphology with its seductive or bohemian cut. With its stripes for a more 70’s look, accompanied by high-waisted raw jeans, it will leave no one indifferent…

You can also pair it with overalls or a midi skirt. For a sexier effect, dare the bare-back neckline! No doubt that with him you will cause a sensation. We revise our classics by pairing them with a side slit skirt or pairing them with flared jeans and trainers.

The top to be fashionable:

How to dress when it is neither too hot nor too cold? The long sleeve t-shirt answers the question. In mid-season, the basics of clothing are essential: the classic asymmetric long sleeve top.

The big star of women’s t-shirts at Solado? The V-neck of course! This comes in a variety of colors as well as black and white, lightweight for summer or fine knit for winter. Fitted cut or straight cut, scalloped or lace underlined collars, embroidered braid… we wanted to take a timeless classic and add these little details that change everything.

Solado – Find all types of tops:

Plain or printed, casual version or evening dress, you can find all our models and styles at our online store solado.com. The long-sleeved top is available in a looser, more fluid version or with ruffles for women with generous shapes. You can also discover our prettiest chic women’s tops on our solado online store!

long-sleeved top

Dare the wool or tweed mini shorts:

Yes… You read that right: wool or tweed mini shorts. Especially not in jeans. For an organized meal during the weekend with your friends, dare to combine a women’s long-sleeved T-shirt with mini woolen shorts.

Very elegant, the gray wool shorts are a piece that immediately adds sophistication to an outfit. Wear it with a women’s long-sleeved t-shirt and a brightly colored scarf. Add a large bracelet and a pair of ankle boots to complete the outfit.

Try large pants:

It is perfectly possible to wear a long-sleeved top with wide pants without being absorbed by the fabric. To do this, create relief by choosing colors that oppose each other. So, in case your women’s long sleeve t-shirt is black, pair it with white pants.

Be careful though… For this look to be effective, it is essential to select correctly proportioned pieces. For example, if the long-sleeved top or the pants are too loose, the rendering will not be the same. It’s a silhouette that’s a little difficult to compose but which always has an effect when it’s successful.

Look like a princess with a long skirt:

Last way to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt for women, associate it with a long and preferably pleated skirt. Create contrast by putting on a black t-shirt with a brightly colored bottom (green, yellow, orange, etc.). Of course, it is necessary to wear heels to visually gain a few centimeters.

Don’t Skip the basics:

Surely you already know that the little black dress and the white t-shirt are must-haves in your wardrobe, but do you know the other essential clothes? A perfectly fitted blazer, a leather jacket, and another in jeans are the three models that are not to be negotiated. While a well-tailored blazer will have you covered for work and formal occasions, the halter neck long sleeve top with a denim jacket will take care of casual looks.

As for the leather jacket, it is perfect for avant-garde outfits and festive evenings. You will also need a traditional, but not boring, white shirt. On the shoe side, you will need a pair of white sneakers, for chic and casual outfits. But also, a pair of pumps but remember it should not be too high to stay elegant even over long distances!

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