Concealing Your Identity Online with iTop VPN

Concealing Your Identity Online with iTop VPN

A good VPN can make a lot of difference to your browsing experience. Unfortunately, many people ignore VPNs and try to browse public networks without adopting any protective measures. An appreciable percentage of such people have given away sensitive information without knowing. 

iTop VPN is designed to offer you complete protection when you browse public networks. That way, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to steal your information. Virtual private networks help to create a secure network path for users. People use different public and private networks to access the internet. Therefore, if you intend to surf the internet via any such network, you must conceal your identity as much as possible. Here are other things you need to know in this regard. 

Browse Anonymously 

Some unscrupulous personalities have made it their job to scan the internet for sensitive information. They are constantly looking for how to steal relevant details from unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, many people have fallen for these hackers. 

One way to shield yourself from data theft online is by browsing via a VPN. For instance, VPN India hides your identity from the eyes of hackers. That way, your identity can only be made known to others on a need-to-know basis. 

Avoiding Restrictions

The benefits of browsing the internet without revealing your identity are numerous. Some sites operate strict restrictions that prevent some users from accessing their content. It is not just about regular websites; streaming services like Netflix, Showmax, and others are now adopting this strategy to control how people access their content. 

But thank goodness for virtual private networks. You can bypass those restrictions when you use iTop’s VPN for Mac. You can access any content you want with a VPN. 

Access Virtually All Socia Media Sites

Over 2 billion active users visit various social media platforms monthly, an expert admits. Moreover, most people spend hours peeking at different social media sites. So, telling anybody not to use any site for obvious reasons can be disheartening. 

While minors should not be encouraged to visit social media sites, mature minds can go to any site. Use a VPN India to access social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram to explore all the platform’s features. Or have you been blocked on LinkedIn? You can unblock it with iTop VPN today. 


You can enjoy limitless access to almost all social media sites with VPNs. iTop’s VPN offers a 100% guarantee against site restrictions. This post has also emphasized how concealing your identity online can do you a world of good. Nothing conceals your identity online better than VPN. iTop also ensures fast internet browsing because of its high-speed servers at different locations around the world. Safeguard your data online with iTop. If you truly want to see what internet browsing looks like with a VPN, get started with iTop.

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