Cash Buyers vs. Traditional Real Estate: What are the differences?

Cash Buyers vs. Traditional Real Estate: What are the differences?

Nowadays, there are a lot of avenues for someone to sell their house outside of the traditional real estate agent system. Perhaps the most popular one is through the cash buyer. This article will examine why “cash home buyers near me” companies have become so popular. Continue reading the article below to learn more. 

Same Day Offer

One of the main reasons people search for “cash home buyers near me” when trying to put their house on the marketplace is because they are in a hurry to get rid of their property. You will get a same-day cash offer after inspection with a cash buyer. Traditional real estate almost always involves negotiating between seller and buyer. A process that can take weeks and even months. If you’re looking to get a fair home offer quickly, a cash buyer is a way to go. 

Cash Buyers Make No Commission 

Real estate agents and other third-party members make their living on commissions when a property is sold. This means they are incentivized to look out for their interests rather than yours. This can lead to scenarios where selling your home takes much longer than originally planned as they try to squeeze a dollar fifty out of a dollar. A cash buyer with no commission incentive is the way to go for speed and convenience. 

A Closing Date That Fits Your Timeline

When selling your home traditionally, you must reach a compromise with the buyer on the closing date. That can often lead to scenarios where you stay in hotels while transferring between homes. With a cash buyer, the closing date is designed around your schedule. 

Required Repairs and Contract Stipulations 

Traditional real estate contracts often have stipulations that the seller must complete repairs to the house and other miscellaneous deeds before the buyer accepts the house. With cash home buyers near me, the house is sold as is. No repairs are required. 

A Look at The Closing Costs

With traditional real estate, a wide variety of fees and taxes add to the closing cost of selling a house. They usually add up to 6-7 percent of the total capital gains. You don’t have to worry about closing costs with cash home buyers near me.

A Look at The Time Line

The main reason cash buyers have become such a popular alternative to selling your home is the speed at which the whole process takes. From setting your appointment, inspection, same-day offer, and closing date, it can be as fast as seven days. Meanwhile, traditional real estate can take months to complete. 

The Differences Between Cash Buyers and Traditional Real Estate are Pretty Stark

The traditional real estate process is often incredibly messy and headache-inducing. It’s the biggest reason cash buyers have become such a popular alternative to selling your home. If you want to get rid of a property as quickly and smoothly as possible, a cash buyer is right for you.

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