What makes you decide to buy hair extensions online?


We all know that online shopping is at an all-time high. The question is why. Well, knowledge about the products, convenience, and internet promotions are the three main reasons most people buy hair extensions online.

Shopping for hair extensions online is merely a few clicks away, with many possibilities available when searching for “hair extensions near me.” Having said that, purchasing hair extensions online without first seeing them in person can be daunting.

That is why, today, we are arming you with the information you need to know when purchasing hair extensions online and how to make the best decision.

While this might be challenging, we have several helpful ideas and tactics you can use to get the perfect extensions while shopping online.

Step 1: Know what you are purchasing 

Know the type of hair you want 

Not all hair extensions are created equal. Hair extensions are made of 2 different types of hair; human hair and synthetic. Synthetic hair employs synthetic components such as animal hair and plastic, whereas human hair extensions use exclusively human hair.

Remy human hair extensions 

  1. It can be washed, dyed, and heated the same way as actual hair. 
  2. The hair cuticle all faces the same direction, making it tangle-free.
  3. It acts exactly like your own hair, blending in seamlessly with it.

Synthetic hair 

  1. Has an unnatural gloss and a harsh texture.
  2. It can’t be chemically processed because it has already undergone multiple chemical processes.
  3. Tangles easily 

The burn test 

The burn test 

Not sure about the hair type? You can shop for a texture ring (from the hair brand you are considering) to easily test the quality of the hair at home. You can perform a burn test on your hair; if it’s synthetic, it will turn into hard plastic-like balls and melt into each other. If it is human hair, it will burn and turn to ash, just like natural hair.

Step 2: Determine the length and weight you desire

Know the length and weight you want 

Hair extensions are well-known for giving hair more volume and length. When you’re unsure which hair will blend well with your hair and texture, it’s more challenging to blend your hair extensions and discover a perfect match.

We know that deciphering the hair grams when purchasing extensions can be difficult, so we put together simple but effective tips on choosing the proper hair extensions for your hair.

  1. Long hair extensions blend easily into mid-length hair, but short hair can be more difficult. 
  2. Get extensions for short hair if your natural hair is 3-5 inches long for a flawless blend.
  3. Combine lengths for layers for an even look

Bonus Tip: Before purchasing hair extensions, you should always consider the texture of your hair and the number of grams you require, as this will impact how the extensions will merge.

Step 3: Getting the right color match 

The right hair color for your skin tone will do wonders for your look

Always use your locks’ mid to end lengths when looking for a color match; never try to match the roots. This is because brand new hair will naturally lighten as it ages; you’ll have two hues that clash. Use a hair extension color matching service to get the finest color match possible. 

Plus, professional hair extensions are made to fit beneath real hair, so your roots don’t have to be a perfect match. Shopping for clip-in hair extensions online allows clients to return and exchange their purchases if the color match is off significantly. 

Even better, most hair brands offer a hair extension color matching service, where you can send them photos of yourself and a sample of your hair, and the colorist will find the ideal match.

You can also use a hair color chart to find the perfect match for your hair! Some people are better at judging color matches than others, so get a second view if you’re not sure. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to choosing the ideal hair extension color

If you buy some clip-in extensions and don’t like the color or want to try something new, you can dye them. 

For this to work

  1. Your hair extensions must be made of genuine hair. It would be best to approach it as you would any other dye job. 
  2. It might be seriously damaged if it’s actual hair, so use caution and color only as needed. 
  3. The same guidelines apply when using heat-based styling products; take care and be gentle with your hair (real or fake). 

P.S. You can dye up hair extensions three shades darker.

Step 4. Revamp your look with something new

 Live life in colors with clip-in streaks from Diva Divine

You don’t have to go right into a full head of extensions, especially if you’re new to the whole thing. A pre-styled ponytail, clip-in fringe, or even a pair of clip-in highlights are available. 

You have the option of wearing one or two clip-in extensions. This type of hair accessory is useful since it allows people to entirely change their appearance without committing to a long-term and dramatic haircut.

Where can you buy the best hair extensions online?

Diva Divine, hair happiness is a place

Knowing what to look for and where to find the greatest quality hair is the key to effective hair extension shopping. The secret to purchasing successful hair extensions is understanding what to look for and where to locate the highest quality hair brand. Plus, your hair significantly impacts how you appear; therefore, we understand how essential it is to you.

Enter Diva Divine.

Diva Divine is the leading hair brand in India, with attractive hair extension prices. Known for their ethically sourced virgin Remy Indian hair extensions, you can be sure to be happy with your hair shopping at Diva Divine! They have an extensive collection of the finest hand-crafted virgin Indian hair, so there is an extension for everyone.

So head to Diva Divine’s website today to create the look you desire!


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