Why should you implement call center solutions in your business? 


You may not always have the resources as a start-up to create dedicated call center solutions to service your consumer base. But, call center customer service solutions are not something you should skimp on, especially as a small and developing business.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of call center solutions for small businesses that will assist your agents in efficiently handling customer calls and other associated tasks.

So, we have created this blog to help you understand the functionalities and key benefits to help you implement them better in your business.

Call center solutions every business needs to implement 

Call center solutions businesses need to implement 

On Premises Call center solutions is a cloud-based platform dedicated to providing phone-based customer service. Since it uses the internet for phone connections rather than the telephone exchange, it can significantly increase agent productivity while lowering expenses.

These technologies leverage AI and automation to handle monotonous activities and provide self-service channels to your clients. This frees up your agent’s time and allows the consumer to fix fundamental issues independently.

In this approach, the software solution assists businesses in handling call center operations without the need to establish a full-fledged call center.

Outbound and inbound calls 

Inbound and outbound solutions 

Outbound and inbound call center solutions allow agents to handle inbound and outbound calls. Businesses use FreePBX for sales or telemarketing. They may also use outbound calls to provide proactive customer service, callbacks, send notifications, or conduct surveys.

The ability to provide a high-quality customer experience is primarily determined by the quality of employees in the inbound call center solutions. For customers, the agent is the company’s voice. Agents are usually the only contact consumers ever engage with from a company, making the agent and their working environment a critical concern for any business. 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR system

Resolves the customer’s inquiry without the need for agent intervention. If an intervention is required, IVR directs the consumer to the appropriate agent or department.

IVR is a simple and effective way to reduce operational costs and increase productivity dramatically.

IVR systems will take the position of a receptionist or customer service representative who answers calls and directs them to agents. They are also very inexpensive, boost efficiency, and save operational costs; thus, the ROI is enormous.

Call routing 

Call routing 

Call routing routes a consumer to the next available agent, lowering wait times and ensuring the customer receives assistance as soon as feasible. A customer is sent to a relevant agent based on their responses during the IVR step.

Omnichannel support

Omnichannel support 

Customers can contact agents through several channels with omnichannel support, including email, social media, and live chat.

An omnichannel strategy entails offering your customers a completely integrated shopping experience from the physical store to the virtual store, including mobile applications and the full spectrum of offline and online options.

CRM Integration 

CRM integration 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows an agent to get a consumer’s profile and necessary information without asking the customer again. It also tracks client behavior, allowing a support team to manage customers appropriately if a trend is detected.

CRM call center training solutions enable you to manage client contacts better, improve business connections, and keep your most valued customers for as long as feasible. CRM becomes even more effective when used with other technologies like email, calendar software, and social media.


Call center reporting 

Improves understanding of the agent’s performance and increases accountability for tasks completed. Also helps to improve employee training by providing insights into any prevalent difficulties that clients raise.

With this call center telephony solution, data will reveal the potential for increased agent productivity, better agent utilization, and more efficient call center procedures. With these insights, businesses will most likely be able to reduce costs while maintaining call center stability. 

Data points frequently help improve the overall customer experience with a call center, which studies show is extremely useful to businesses of all sizes.

How Aavaz can help

Aavaz is one of the leading call center solution providers, used by thousands of clients worldwide to help them consistently deliver excellent customer experiences. Aavaz is a cloud-native, unified suite of tools meant to assist a business in running its contact center and call center operations holistically.


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