The Position of Tanzanian Law Regarding Betting

The Position of Tanzanian Law Regarding Betting

Is Betting Legal In Tanzania?

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that there’s something about Tanzania and its relationship with betting. In recent months, the East African nation has found itself in the news again and again, thanks to a new crackdown on the legal status of online gambling in the country.

We’ve been reporting on this rapidly developing story since October last year, when Tanzania’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology revealed that it had suspended the e-licenses of several online gaming sites operating within its borders ‒ including Unibet and Betting Fiji — as they were breaking local laws against betting. As a result of this action, many websites were no longer accessible from within Tanzania.

This news was soon followed by an announcement from President John Magufuu that his government would be launching a new crackdown on all forms of online betting, introducing legislation that would make it illegal for websites to offer services to Tanzanian residents from outside the country.

What’s the Reasoning Behind the Betting Ban?

The main reason behind the recent crackdown appears to be a desire to protect Tanzanians from the negative aspects of football betting. As well as the potential for addiction, betting websites often include content that is not suitable for children, which is being used as an excuse to impose a blanket ban on all online betting in the country. The government also believes that online gambling is particularly harmful to the economy because it does not generate tax revenue.

Not only do operators avoid paying taxes, but many also participate in unregulated investment schemes, which may be illegal. Critics have argued that the government’s attempts to impose a betting ban are misguided, as the new laws are unlikely to have the desired effect. Not only are they likely to drive more people to the black market, but they may also unintentionally shut out legitimate businesses that are operating within the law.

Will Betting Sites Be Banned In Tanzania?

It’s impossible to say. The uncertainty surrounding the future of online betting in Tanzania has left many people wondering if they should cancel their bookmaker accounts, while others have been left flummoxed as to how to access their favorite sports and games from within the country.

Some people have even been wondering if Tanzania has banned betting altogether. The truth is that no one really knows what’s going to happen next, but it seems likely that the government will move towards a complete ban in the near future.

Is It Illegal to Place Bets In Tanzania?

For the time being, it does not appear that betting companies have been asked to stop accepting bets from Tanzanian customers, although it’s unclear how long this will continue. It’s possible that authorities are trying to gain some leverage over the betting industry with the threat of a total ban before they move towards the final phase of their plan, but it’s impossible to know for sure.

However, it’s important to note that the betting companies have not been given any indication of when the ban will come into effect. This is important for customers, as it means that you can continue to place bets from Tanzania without worrying about running into problems with the government. Do keep a close eye on the situation, though, as the threat of a ban is very real.

Could This Be a Temporary Measure?

We don’t know, but it’s possible. The betting industry has been caught off-guard by the government’s sudden and heavy-handed approach to the sector, which has left many companies scratching their heads as to how to proceed. While it remains unclear how long the current situation will last, some companies have reported receiving informal communications from the government which suggest that the ban will be a temporary measure, so stay tuned for further news on this developing story.

In the meantime, we would recommend keeping an eye out for any changes to the law and remaining vigilant so that you can act quickly if necessary. It’s also important to keep an eye on any new legislation proposed by local lawmakers, as it may provide a glimpse of how the government is likely to respond to this situation in the future.


The relationship between Tanzania and betting has been a rocky one over the past few months, but it’s likely that there will be a happy ending. While it’s unclear exactly when the situation will be resolved, it seems likely that the government will back down in the face of fierce industry opposition. There’s no sense in shutting out foreign investment in the country while simultaneously trying to build up the economy, and there’s even less sense in pursuing a misguided crackdown against the betting industry, particularly when the country is likely to miss out on the benefits of online betting.

It’s possible that the government will introduce legislation designed to protect Tanzanian children from gambling. If this happens, though, it would be much more sensible to shut down betting websites than it would be to impose an outright ban.

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