How To Convert Your Canadian Visitor Visa To A Work Permit

How To Convert Your Canadian Visitor Visa To A Work Permit

If you have a Canadian travel visa, it is possible to convert it into a work visa. There exist no automatic way to convert a visitor visa to a work visa. Hence, you must apply for a Canada work visa application.

How does a tourism visa differ from a work visa?

Tourist Visa:

Tourists who plan to visit Canada for touring and recreational purposes are eligible for a travel visa. If you have this visa, you can travel around Canada and see the different provinces, but you can’t look for work or get a job in Canada. To work in Canada while on a Canadian travel visa is a severe violation of the law.

Work Visa:

A work visa is required for a job offer from a Canadian employer that is legally permissible for the candidate. Unfortunately, no shortcuts are there to getting a job in Canada; instead, prospective employees must adhere strictly to the country’s immigration laws and ethically conduct themselves.

According to the Canadian Immigration website’s guest visa rules, working in Canada on a tourist visa may result in the candidate being expelled back to their home country, and their re-entry into Canada will also be restricted.

Canadian Express Entry visa is a web-based system to track skilled worker immigration requests. Only candidates with a valid work visa and SIN (Social Insurance Number) number are eligible for employment opportunities in Canada by law.

Hiring anyone with a visitor visa to Canada is against the law in Canada. Employers who hire someone without a work visa risk getting into legal problems.

How can I change my tourist visa into a work visa legally?

A Work Permit can be obtained by completing the following stages after arrival in Canada:

Step 1: A Job Application in Canada

Various job portals, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or an individual company’s website, allows you to apply for positions. However, be aware that your submitted resume must conform to Canada’s requirements.

Step 2 : Obtain an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) Approved Offer Letter

The LMIA serves as a safeguard for Canadian workers’ employment rights. Therefore, an employer must demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate for the post and that a Canadian citizen cannot replace you before issuing you an LMIA offer letter.

Step 3 : Apply for your Work Visa.

You can now submit your Canada work visa application for a work permit after completing the difficult phase of the process.

It is recommended that the applicant always abide by the law and keep a clean public record. A traveler to Canada is prohibited from accepting any paid employment offer because of the terms of their visitor visa.

The sole option is to reapply for a Canadian visa to upgrade a travel visa to a work permit. The immigration department may provide a Canadian Express Entry visa to an applicant whose profile fits the employment standards and holds the necessary documentation.

If the candidate is found guilty, they may be barred from returning to Canada for the rest of their life. In addition, on the expiration date of their guest visas, all candidates must also depart Canada.

If you can’t act in accordance with this requirement, it will lead the immigration department to notify law enforcement, who may share their information with other countries. This will impact the candidate’s future travel arrangements to Canada and the rest of the world.

Can I try applying for a work permit from Canada?

Only those outside of Canada can apply for a Canada PR Visa. There are, of course, certain exceptions. If the candidate meets the following conditions:

  • There is a valid work or study permit in Canada for the candidate, his or her spouse, or parents.
  • The aspirant already has a work permit for one job in Canada, but he or she wishes to apply for another one.
  • The applicant has a valid six-month or longer temporary or short-term resident permit, or
  • They are in Canada because they have already applied for permanent status.

Canada uses a point system known as the CRS Score to obtain a permanent residency visa. You’ll better be accepted to an ITA program if you achieve a high CRS score. You can apply for a visa for permanent residency at a later time. CRS can improve on various fronts, including English proficiency, maturity, and a variety of other characteristics.

How to apply for a work visa while living outside of Canada?

  • A Canadian visa office can be used to apply for a work visa outside of Canada.
  • An Authoritative for the candidate’s home nation.
  • Any Canadian Embassy/ Consulate in the USA
  • Candidate’s appointing authority in Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the USA

A candidate may be required to meet with an immigration officer in person and show that they have the required documents. Other documents and costs must be filled out and paid for immediately.


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