How to be trendy with denim shorts?

How to be trendy with denim shorts?

two piece pants set going out or the shorts, we no longer present them. A true essential for sunny days, it even manages to overshadow little summer dresses and other trendy skirts. Here are the models of shorts that you must have in your dressing room.

Shorts are a partner of choice in summer. Practical while being stylish, it blends into our daytime and evening looks, without ever hitting the wrong note. If there is a piece to have in number in his dressing room, it is him. If you are new to this fashion, here are some tips from us to wearing two-piece pants set going out.

Which trendy shorts to choose?

There are as many shorts as there are styles. Rather sportswear, preppy, chic, casual… The it-piece of the season knows how to renew itself. A few essential models must be in your collection. Starting with the denim shorts, a real must-have, the paper bag shorts, the most flattering for the figure, but also the linen shorts, the ideal candidate to face the hot weather.

And of course, some new trends are introduced, season after season, in our wardrobes. The Bermuda shorts, for example, which we love for their slightly longer cut and inspired by the 90s. The tie-dye shorts, the crochet shorts, the tweed shorts or even the tailored shorts complete our wishlist.

How to choose your jeans according to your silhouette?

One thing is certain: jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Whether you prefer it chic or casual, it is essential in everyone’s wardrobe. A variety of cuts and styles are offered, at prices ranging from entry-level to very high-end. Here’s how to select the ideal jeans according to your silhouette.


The eye-catching accent should be on the bottom of the jeans to balance the silhouette. So, you have to opt for flared or even wide-leg jeans. Pale colors can also be very interesting to create the desired effect.


To give volume to this skinny silhouette, trumpet, straight or wide-leg jeans are great. Also, dare faded denim with details.


Flared jeans and the bootcut are your best friends. exclaims Julie. Indeed, these cuts are ideal for balancing the A-line silhouette. Preferably, opt for dark jeans with few details.


Most cuts of trendy two-piece sets will be advantageous for your figure, but the low waist is to be preferred, explains our stylist.


The flared jeans and the low waist are your allies! says Julie. Indeed, these two styles will help emphasize the size of this silhouette that has little or none at all.


The ideal style for this figure is straight jeans, low-rise, and dark in color. “Go for jeans in a solid color and designed in a stretchy fabric for the perfect look,” comments our stylist.

3 tips for your outfit with denim shorts:

Combining denim shorts is not difficult – looking stylish with them is even more so. With these tips, you can conjure up casual outfits with two piece shorts jeans.

Jeans shorts are one of the most popular summer styles. Why not? They are uncomplicated, versatile, and therefore a perfect everyday companion.

However, simple denim shorts with a shirt often look pretty lame. Then slippers on your feet and the I-don’t-care-I’m-on-vacation-and-nobody-knows-me-look is complete.

We’ll give you three styling tips that will help your short denim outfit always work.

Combine short jeans with long tops:

Short trousers with an oversized sweater seem to be the favorite style of the fashion blogger scene. And basically, the contrast between short and long is never wrong when it comes to styling – even with denim shorts.

It’s practically a balancing act. Because when it’s warm enough to wear shorts, doesn’t a woman sweat the freckles off her face in a long top?

Accordingly, we leave the sweater in the closet and instead go for airy long-sleeved blouses or henley shirts and roll up my arms up to the elbows. When it comes to shoes, sporty sneakers are always a good combination partner. In midsummer also simple mules. Both give the denim shorts outfit an understated casualness.

Coarse and fine – that’s how jeans shorts styling should be:

As an alternative to long tops, you can also combine coarse “winter” materials with your jeans shorts – i.e. knitwear, corduroy, or even denim.

That can and should of course be short. For example, sweater vests are back in fashion. The casually cut pieces also cut a fine figure when worn alone with shorts.

In addition, jeans all over are also very cool. Simply wear a denim top from the same color family with your denim shorts. In this way, you also create an overall look that is at least as stylish as the one-piece, but without the – shall we say – organizational disadvantages.

Denim shorts x statement accessories:

Long arms, wintry materials – is it all too complicated for you? Of course, you can also pimp the good old short-shirt combination with trendy two piece sets into a cool look. All it takes are a few eye-catching accessories! This works particularly well if the shirt and shorts are kept in restrained solid colors.

The perfect canvas for bright shoes, eye-catching (belly) bags and backpacks, or even statement jewelry. You don’t even have to choose one of them – everything in combination is allowed here.

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