Get Facebook Photographs to Look Like Pinterest Utilizing Friendsheet!

Get Facebook Photographs to Look Like Pinterest Utilizing Friendsheet!

Have you at any point utilized Pinterest? Well, this is one of the most absurdly asked questions. Every person who uses social media to get connected to the world knows Pinterest.

Pinterest is such a relaxing platform, where you can create your profile as you do on all other platforms and thus can explore so many different and exciting ideas. Pinterest is one of the most rapidly emerging platforms and the number of people creating accounts over there is increasing too.

What makes Pinterest a hit more interesting and appreciable is not only the posts it visualizes but there is more to it. The layout of the Pinterest feed is quite enchanting. There are so many ideas and when you click one, a chain of similar posts appears and it goes one. The case with Facebook is not like that. On Facebook Likes, your feed will only contain the picture or videos posted by the accounts and pages you follow. You can explore more but the extent is feeble. 

In short, Facebook does not allow an open search mechanism, though there is a vast database containing in itself almost everything one may need. Have you at any point supposed if you would make it more explorable, same all things considered on Pinterest? Do you think it is even practical? Yes, it is. There is a tool namely FriendSheet, which you can utilize to make the posts on your Facebook more explorable. 

Steps to Go with

FriendSheet is an online platform, specifically designed to make links with Facebook. It is used to change the layout of the actual page style of Facebook. Facebook posts are not always readily available, and to make them visible at once, you need to change the outlet of the page. This is the very thing that FriendSheet has been intended for.

In order to make the desired changes, you first have to create a bridge or a link between the two apps. You can do it by connecting FriendSheet with your Facebook account. The changes made are not seen on Facebook but on the interface of the FriendSheet, you have installed.

Step 1

First of all, go to the official website of the FriendSheet and create an account there which you can use further to change the layout of your Facebook photos, like those of Pinterest. 

Step 2 

Now make sure that the device on which you have logged in for FriendSheet, also contains Facebook. If not, install Facebook first, if it is mobile. You can likewise utilize the web variant of it. Your account must be logged in there too.

Step 3

If you are not into your Facebook account for the moment, add your credentials to get into it, as you will not be able to perform your task without being logged in. 

Step 4

Presently open Facebook on your gadget. You will be shown a small screen from FriendSheet. As you want to make changes to your posts on Facebook using FriendSheet, it requires the interlinking of the two.

Step 5

Allow FriendSheet to get access to your Facebook data. Do it, it is secure and you don’t have to be worried about a scam.

Step 6

Once allowed, FriendSheet will open the posts from your Facebook in a layout exactly the same as that of Pinterest. 

Now you can easily explore more from Facebook. FriendSheet allows you to even post comments, add captions, and do everything you have done on Facebook. Your page layout will be changed and you will be able to make changes to the post and interact with the people as you have been doing on the original Facebook app.


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