How to Create a Spotify Playlist From Your Youtube Likes?

How to Create a Spotify Playlist From Your Youtube Likes?

Music is food for the soul, and there are so many digital platforms delivering a wide range of this nutrition. As one of the most dazzling music streaming networks, Spotify Plays has acquired an additional level of significance in this regard.

It offers a variety of information, such as videos, podcasts, and audio tracks. As with any other forum of this type, you may make playlists and gain followers and likes on this platform.

However, here is something unique for Spotify. It allows you to create a playlist to increase the number of YouTube likes you have. If you were also wondering how to add your favorite YouTube songs to a Spotify playlist, here is a guide:

A Straightforward Guide to Syncing Your YouTube Likes with Your Spotify Playlist

IFTTT is all you need to transform your YouTube likes into a Spotify playlist. Keep in mind that IFTTT is not an application; it is merely a network. The installation will, therefore, not be necessary. It merely synchronizes your YouTube likes with Spotify so that they can be added to your playlist.

You may not only construct a Spotify playlist from your YouTube likes, but you can also continuously refresh this playlist when you add new channels of your choice to your YouTube favorites.

1 – Account Verification

Verify that you have a current, functioning IFTTT account. To access its services, sign up. Simply go to the website’s home page. To get started, click the Sign-Up button. You’ll see an interface to enter your account’s information.

2 – Synchronization

After creating an account, the game is simple. Now, IFTTT only requires synchronization between the two to fulfill your desire to generate a Spotify playlist. It will ask if you want Spotify to search YouTube for the desired music. To enable this option, toggle its switch. Now, whenever you like a song on YouTube, Spotify will look for it automatically.

3 – Permission for Synchronization

IFTTT will request permission to 

  • Synchronize your YouTube likes with Spotify.
  • Generate and refresh your playlist regularly. 

Press OK to continue. Thus, they’re linked.

4 – Enable IFTTT access to your YouTube account 

Now you will be prompted to enable IFTTT access to your YouTube account so that your likes may be used to construct your Spotify playlist. Click “Allow” to grant access to your YT account.

5 – Continue

Permit the request. Your Spotify account has been linked to IFTTT. Click Accept to continue.

Now, go to YouTube and begin to like songs. When you do so, you will then be able to add YouTube songs to your Spotify playlist automatically. You may need to be patient for a few moments before it occurs. The playlist will be titled YouTube Likes.

If you open this playlist, you will find all the music on YouTube that you may have enjoyed. Spotify doesn’t automatically add every song you find on YouTube to your playlists. If the music you prefer is unavailable on Spotify, it will not be included in the playlist.

You can even move an entire YouTube playlist to Spotify. Choose YouTube as the source and Spotify as the destination source for this task.

Press transfer after selecting the desired playlist. Confirm the action following the transmission of the list. Select OK. This strategy is advantageous, but not for regularly adding likes to Spotify. This objective can only be achieved using the aforementioned technique. It enables the creation of a Spotify playlist using YouTube likes, as well as the continual updating of that playlist.

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