Avoid The Top 6 custom macaron boxes Mistakes  

Avoid The Top 6 custom macaron boxes Mistakes  

They typically make custom macaron boxes out of cardboard because it is a strong and durable material. The box can be custom-made to fit the specific size and shape of the macarons. And we can decorate it with a variety of designs and colours. The manufacturers design the box to protect the delicate macarons from damaged.

They design them with a window on the front so that potential customers could see the beautiful macarons inside. The boxes are also generally small in size, which is perfect for holding a few cookies at a time. Additionally, the cardboard material is relatively inexpensive, making it a cost-effective option for packaging macarons.

Custom macaron boxes are a great way to show your clients that you put a lot of thought and effort into making their special day even more special. However, if you’re not careful, you can make some common mistakes that will ruin your box and your reputation. Here are the top 6 custom macaron packs mistakes to avoid. 

Failing to order proof for your Custom macaron boxes

The consequences of failing to order a proof for your boxes of macarons from your supplier can be significant. Without proof, you may not receive the boxes that you ordered, and your supplier may not be able to provide a refund. In addition, the quality of the boxes may be lower than you expected, which could lead to damage or breakage during transport.

 This could cause problems when you try to assemble the boxes, and your macarons may not fit inside them properly. It is important to make sure that the boxes are exactly what you want before you order them so that you do not have to go through the hassle of returning them or exchanging them for something else. 

Ordering the wrong size box.

The potential for ordering the wrong size box for personalized macaron boxes from a supplier exists. When the dimensions of the product to be packaged are not taken into account. In this scenario, the customer orders a box that is too large for the product, and as a result, results in excess material and labour costs. The situation can be mitigated by taking accurate measurements of the product to be packaged and communicating these dimensions to the supplier.

If you order the wrong size box from your supplier, you will need to adjust the dimensions of your design in order to fit within the new constraints. In some cases, you may need to redesign your entire box in order to make it fit within the new constraints. 

Forgetting to include key information in your order.

When ordering macaron boxes packaging UK from a supplier, it is important to include all of the key information in your order. If you forget to include any of this information, your order may not be processed correctly, and you may end up with boxes that are not the size or colour that you wanted.

This information includes the dimensions of the boxes, the type of material you would like them made out of, and any special features or designs you would like included. If you forget to include any key information, your supplier may not be able to create the boxes exactly how you want them, which could lead to disappointment.

Remember that the more information you pass out to your manufacturer about your actual product. The better they will formulate a packaging around it. 

Not double-checking your artwork

In the business world, it is important to always be vigilant in order to avoid any costly mistakes. This means checking and double-checking all aspects of the order before sending it off to a supplier. Failing to do so can result in costly delays or, even worse, incorrect products being delivered. In the case of custom macaron boxes UK. It is especially important to check the artwork for accuracy as even a small mistake can lead to a lot of wasted time and money.  

If you are not double-checking the artwork of your order from your supplier. You may be making some costly mistakes. First, you need to make sure that all of the text and graphics are in the correct spots. And that they are sized correctly. If there are any mistakes, your boxes may not print the way you want them to. Also, they may not deliver the information to your customers that you desire them to.

The artwork of a box is the ultimate thing that makes it worth having a look at. If you fall back on its quality, quantity or selection. You will miss out on a big opportunity to make your boxes drool worthy. 

Choosing an inferior material for your custom macaron boxes

Selecting a lower quality box material from your supplier. Will result in boxes that are not as structurally sound and may not protect your macarons as well. As higher quality boxes would. Additionally, using a lesser quality box material could lead to boxes that are less visually appealing. Which could affect the overall impression your macarons make on consumers.

Your supplier offers a range of box materials for your boxes. But you choose an inferior box material that will not protect your product. This decision is based on a lack of understanding of the material properties and their impact on the product. The inferior box material is less expensive, and its perceived durability misleads you. 

Underestimating shipping time

The supplier’s estimated shipping time for your macaron boxes packaging UK may be underestimated. This may be due to several factors, such as the complexity of your order and the supplier’s current workload. It is important to keep in mind that these estimates are just that- estimates. And that there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances. If you need your boxes by a specific date. Be sure to communicate this to your supplier as soon as possible.

This is because there are a number of factors that can impact the shipping time. Such as the distance between the supplier and your location and the type of shipping service that is selected. Additionally, customs clearance may also cause a delay in receiving your order. 

In conclusion, by following these simple tips. You can be sure to order the perfect custom macaron boxes for your business. Be sure to also consider the color and design of your boxes. As well as the type of material you would like them printed on. By taking the time to select the perfect boxes. You can be sure that your macarons will look great and impress your customers.


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