The Benefits of Scheduling Regular Bulk Trash Pickup Services

The Benefits of Scheduling Regular Bulk Trash Pickup Services

Knowing what constitutes bulk trash and what should not go in your regular trash cans is crucial for removing significant items like appliances and furniture.

Things like refrigerators containing a coolant can be dangerous to throw away. Bulk items are any material that cannot be disposed of in a County-issued trash cart, including furniture, lawn furniture, extra-large rugs (4 ft lengths), mattresses, and box springs.

Save Time

The bulk trash pickup near me offers residents an easy way to dispose of large items too big for standard garbage collection. These oversized items may include furniture, appliances, mattresses, and more. In many cases, these items will be collected regularly and can be placed at the curb 24 hours before the scheduled collection.

Depending on the guidelines of your local sanitation department, you may be limited to six bulk items during regularly scheduled trash collection days. The specifics of what is considered a bulk item can vary from region to region, but they cannot be placed in a garbage bin, container, or bag.

They must meet state, local, and federal disposal laws. It is also important to note that different types of bulk items must be handled in unique ways. For example, animal waste and human excrement must be double-bagged to prevent injuring sanitation crews.

In addition, bulk trash service providers will typically provide exceptional service during holidays when regular pickup schedules are not in effect. For example, if your regular pickup day falls on Thanksgiving or Christmas, bulk waste collection will be delayed until the week following. Hiring a junk removal company offering bulk garbage pickup services can be a great way to save time and avoid stress for those with a busy schedule or many items to get rid of.

Save Money

If you regularly schedule bulk trash pickup services, avoiding the additional cost of having to dispose of your excess waste is a substantial money-saving benefit. Even if you only have one large item to discard, it can still cost you money if you must pay for a dumpster rental or take the time to haul your junk away.

Bulk collection is a service included with your regular trash and recycling rates. It includes any item that doesn’t fit into your County-issued trash cart, such as furniture (excluding sofas and armoires), yard waste, mattresses and box springs, gym equipment, appliances (excluding refrigerators and freezers containing Freon or gas-powered lawn mowers) and grills.

Residents receiving curbside trash and recycling collections may place two (2) bulk items or two (2) tightly secured bags with small household items next to their trash carts on their regular garbage collection days for pickup. It is a faster and more convenient option for those with extra trash than what can fit into their carts. Those with larger quantities of bulk trash that can’t be accommodated by the new program, such as scrap tires and white goods, will continue to need to schedule their collection.

To avoid garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection delays, please curb all items by 7 a.m. on your scheduled trash collection day. Ensure you are not blocking driveways or other areas with your bulk materials, and keep items within eight feet of the curb to minimize damage from solid waste vehicles.

Prevent Accidents

Most sanitation truck accidents and fatalities occur when the trucks collect commercial waste. The drivers are racing to get the trash out of the vehicle and onto the next stop, as they are paid per client.

This type of work makes sanitation trucks extremely dangerous, and the City has seen increased incidents over the past decade. On their scheduled waste pickup days, residents who receive trash and recycling collection services under contract from the county may place two large items at a time for collection each week. 

By 6:30 a.m., all bulk trash must be put on the curb. On the day of service, it is divided into categories for collection. Bulk waste includes household appliances, furniture, yard waste, wood debris, large pieces of furniture, carpet (4 ft lengths, tied together), bicycles, grills (no propane), extra-large rugs, and furniture that can’tcan’t fit inside the trash cart with the lid closed.

Items not eligible for bulk waste collection include construction materials, household hazardous waste, vehicles and parts, concrete, bricks, dirt, rocks, or cement blocks.

Reduce Waste

When items are not correctly disposed of, they can harm our environment. Fortunately, bulk trash pickup services help keep our community clean and safe. Using this service, residents can eliminate large items like mattresses, furniture, and more that would otherwise end up in landfills. The weekend before your planned zone collection, these items should be put curbside, and on the day of your collection, they should be taken out of the curb by 6:00 p.m.

Call customer service by 2 p.m. before your regular collection day to schedule your bulk waste pickup. It will ensure that your items are picked up on the correct day. The recent increase in your monthly trash price is due to various factors affecting all parts of the waste industry, including landfill space constraints and rising fuel costs.

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