Why Subway Tiles Are the Perfect Choice for Your Home Renovation

Why Subway Tiles Are the Perfect Choice for Your Home Renovation

If you’re planning a home renovation, subway tiles are a smart option. The 3-by-6-inch white glazed tiles that first appeared in NYC subway stations are durable, stain-resistant, and reflect light, making them a sanitary choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Although this design trend started underground, subway tile easily transcends current trends and works well in homes of all styles and sizes.

Easy to Clean

As anyone who has ever owned subway tile can attest, it’s a simple yet elegant material that meshes well with various design styles. Its clean lines are often used to frame fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes, but it’s also a popular choice for bathrooms and shower surrounds.

The glazed surface of subway tiles makes it (relatively) easy to remove soap scum and other grime. Additionally, the nonabsorbent nature of the tile makes it impervious to mold and mildew, which is why they are a great option for bathroom walls.

In addition to the classic ceramic tiles typically thought of when you hear “subway tile,” you can now find subway wall tile in all colors, materials, and finishes. This variety of options allows you to guide your clients toward a perfect subway tile for their renovation project. For example, glass tile offers a glossy finish that pops and provides a unique look that could be just what you are looking for to frame your client’s fireplace or highlight their kitchen backsplash.

Timeless Design

Subway tiles can be installed in various colors and styles, making them versatile for many home designs. They can be used to create a classic, white, glazed backsplash or installed in an exciting color like blue to add a splash of color to a room.

They are a great choice for kitchen backsplashes, but they can also be used in bathrooms and other rooms in the home. They look stunning when used as a herringbone pattern or in a chevron pattern, and they can even be made to look vintage by using dark grout or adding an accent color to the room.

While other tiling trends may come and go, subway tile is here to stay. These timeless three-by-inch glazed porcelain tiles are durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant, and they reflect light. They are the perfect addition to any space in your home and will be stylish long after the latest design trend has passed. They will become the foundation of your design and can be paired with other materials to create a cohesive and timeless look for your room. You may want to visit websites such as artistictile.com for an array of great subway tile selections you may be interested in for your home.


Subway tiles are one of the most versatile design choices for any room. They look great in bathrooms and kitchens but can be used throughout the home to create a cohesive style aesthetic. They’re also great for basements, laundry rooms, and entryways because they can add color to any space.

Although traditionally white, subway tile can be found in various colors and materials. They’re available in glass and marble, as well as classic ceramics. There are even specialty options like artisan glazes and crackled finishes. Today, homeowners have more ways to customize the look of their subway tile than ever before.

You can even use them to add a modern twist to your space by using a herringbone pattern instead of the traditional offset layout. This can create a bold effect that is still easy to clean but requires much more planning and attention to detail. Try using it on accent walls or in places with much foot traffic, such as mudrooms and entryways.


Subway tiles are incredibly durable and will last you for years to come. They can withstand heat and moisture and are easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom. They are also available in various colors and textures, so you can create a look that is uniquely your own. You can even experiment with different sizes to create a unique pattern.

While most people consider subway tile, the traditional white-glazed three-by-six-inch format for interior wall applications, modern technology and design trends have allowed them to evolve into various styles. This means that there is sure to be a subway tile that will match your design aesthetic.

There are several ways to use subway tile, including combining them with other materials like stone or wood to create a unique look. Additionally, many subway tiles have texture elements such as an eased bevel or crackle finish that can add depth and visual interest to your space. 


Named for the 3-by-6-inch white tiles that clad New York subway stations, these versatile tiles have become a staple in kitchen backsplashes, shower surrounds, and bathroom walls. Though they’re often associated with classic, contemporary design, they easily mesh with various decorating styles. Try a herringbone or chevron pattern if you’re looking for a fresh take on subway tile. These patterned installation styles can make a room feel dynamic and add visual interest to any kitchen or bath. Changing the grout color is another simple way to spruce up your subway tile. Darker grouts will help your white tile stand out, while lighter grouts will hide dirt and mold more easily.

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