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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is an essential activity in the design and development of a product. It is where we verify that the individual elements will function efficiently and perform well. However, mechanical Design Engineering service is not an isolated activity in the design process – rather, it must be considered at every stage of product development through computer-aided design, prototyping, testing and analysis to achieve superior results.

Creating commercially successful products means intensive planning, customized development processes and the use of state-of-the-art tools and techniques. It also means combining innovative thinking with technical knowledge.

Our team at Bluefrog Design consists of experienced innovators and engineers. We combine broad experience in mechanical and electronic engineering, detail design, and performance testing to find the best solution for building production-ready products while maintaining the form and spirit of the original concept.

At Bluefrog Design, our team integrates knowledge and experience in engineering, technology, manufacturing, materials and processes at every stage of the project. Our designs incorporate complex and simple mechanisms, integrating mechanical and electronic solutions into fully functional systems. Collaboration ensures that all capabilities are used effectively to create market-leading products.

etail Design
Detailed design is the final step before entering the manufacturing phase of a project. It takes the result of design development and provides the exact information needed for production; it contains the complete specification for each component that makes up the product, including materials, geometry, and supplier information for purchased parts.

Our detail design takes into account manufacturing requirements and defines the final characteristics of the product. The results include all 3D CAD data, technical information, bills of materials, and drawings that identify all individual parts, subassemblies, and final assembly configurations. This can deliver a complete product based on the best manufacturing options, processes and procedures to meet your project goals.

Electronics development
Our design team is experienced in custom electronic product development. Combined with our industrial design, your project can seamlessly transition between the two disciplines, accelerating the development program. We research appropriate systems, process specifications, components, and requirements to agree upon an electronic specification that also addresses development and production costs.

Early in the process, we create simplified electronic prototypes to test the concept before proceeding with alpha and beta electronics development for manufacturing. When intensive solutions are required, we partner with world-class electronics development and manufacturing companies and manage activities so that the product and electronics development evolve simultaneously.


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