How much hair grow in a month for human beings?

How much hair grow in a month for human beings?

Generally, it has been said that the human hairs are the most attractive and most important part of the human body for everyone. Be it a girl or be it a boy, hairs are considered to be the most attractive element in the human body. Therefore, it is very important to know and understand the answer of that how much hair grow in a month.

So are you looking for the same? If yes then you are in the right place. Let me tell you that how much hair grow in a month in the human body. As hairs being the most attractive and the most important element of the human beings are also considered to be very important to look beautiful and also to look classy.

However, the proper and the perfect answer for how much hair grow in a month is that on an average the human hairs that are tend to grow over approximately 1.5 to almost 1.7 centimetres in a month. 

To be more clear and also specific in this topic, we can say that the hair of a human can grow almost about one fourth or half an inch in a month according to the experts. Basically, the root cause of the scalp analysis is been done in order to find out the particular value by the experts. 

So, it has been said that if your scalp is healthy and your body is working perfectly then your hairs grow properly and smoothly without any kind of problems. To understand the same in a better way there are so many professional hairstylists who have a list, which is concerning and talked about. 

Basically, there are majorly four different types of stages in which the human hair grows. Have a look at them: 

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen 
  • Exogen

Generally, these 4 different types of the stages are known to be the four different life stages in which hair grows. So, the very first stage shows the maximum hair growth of the human being with the huge length of the same, then and the second part the hair growth is longest but not the maximum that how much hair grow in a month.

In the third one the hair growth starts the process of regression on its own and it is in the transition stage for now, and in the 4 th stage, which is the last stage of hair growth. In this particular stage the hair starts shrinking and also the hair growth starts to slow down because of which the human might face the blade scalp as well.

It has been said, as per one of the experts, that almost 10 percent to 15 percent of the hairs of the scalp of human beings is known to be in the third stage of the time in which old hairs are almost resting and new hairs are known to be grown in a better manner.

However, to find the statement how much hair grow in a month, not each and every single person can understand this particular methodology behind the hair growth as it is a bit of confusing to the human beings. however it has been said that no need to worry about the same as this particular mythology is not for you but to understand for the researchers. 

You can simply understand the 4 different stages in which human hair starts growing in a slower manner then in the second stage it grows in the highest manner. Then it starts resting and in the last stage it starts shrinking.

There are so many factors that affect the growth of the hairs so first of all let us discuss about those that how much hair grow in a month maximum with doing five different types of methods.

  • You can simply do the scalp treatment or a scalp massage for a longer time

Basically in this it has been said that 70% of the hair problems can be sorted out with the help of the scalp treatment as well as with a scalp massage. The scalp massage should not be very hard or rough but in fact it should be very gentle and soft. so that the hair follicles cannot get destroyed and also the massage and oil kept in the hairs can help them in growing.

  • Other thing that you can try is your cleansing routine regular basis

That you can try for better hair growth is that a proper cleansing routine should be there in the person that means no dry shampoo, no conditioners, nothing else, no detergent but a cleasner, which helps in cleaning your scalp in a better way and also hydrate your hairs and provide a proper kind of moisture that your hairs need to grow.

  • You can try using some hair growth products

This particular method is least suggested by me because not everyone can handle or bear the side effects of the hair growth products. as there so many elements are mixed in those which are considered to be harmful for the human hair.

therefore always believe in the natural remedies such as applying egg or curd on to the hairs, or applying turmeric paste to the hairs in order to grow them properly or you can also apply the onion oil or onion juice over your hairs in order to have them in growing properly as the help in providing proper hydration and also proper moisture to the hairs.

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  • Fourth Method of growing your hairs is to visit to a trichologist

This method is also known to be least suggested to the people as in this particular method a local trichologist helps in doing the blood test of your scalp in which particular elements are been available under the roots. Blood of your hairs have been found out and suggested remedies for medication are being given to you.

  • Last but not the least you can also try doing some treatment on your hair

You can also try doing some treatments over your hair such as keratin or conditioning of your hairs in order to grow them properly and also to provide them with proper hydration and growth and also for knowing how much hair grow in a month.


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