Advantages of using an corporate intranet portal 

Advantages of using an corporate intranet portal 

Awkward. trouble. restrictive. Unnecessarily complicated.

These are some of the adjectives Capterra users use to describe their legacy corporate intranet portal.

Not everyone likes the intranet. In fact, according to a Gartner study, 90 percent of intranets fail to achieve their original goals.

You may recognize the frustration of spending thousands of dollars to set up and support your legacy intranet, but have your employees ignore it. Unfortunately, recruiting is one of the main challenges companies face when using intranet software. Many people sit on the shelves collecting dust.

But that doesn’t mean the intranet is useless.

A properly implemented intranet will make employees’ lives easier and provide access to the files, folders, and applications they need. Encourage communication between teams and locations. This increases engagement and improves business performance. The key is to find the latest Corporate Intranet Portal that are easy to use and fun, and make sure your employees are actually using them.

If you’re struggling with your intranet, don’t lose hope. This article outlines nine best practices for getting the most out of your intranet. It also describes the latest breakthrough solutions that can help you get the right results.

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1. Improve collaboration and feedback

The best way to encourage employees to use the employee intranet solution is to introduce it. People naturally use tools when they are attracted to colleagues or work. Many intranets have social features such as @mentions, comments, simple document sharing, and some form of notification. Mentions and comments help you invite the right people at the right time, contribute to your work, and maintain all your feedback and contributions on a case-by-case basis.

Extensive corporate intranet portal support for real-time page editing and time-limited task assignment with teammates

All information is available to relevant stakeholders and updated in real time, supporting collaboration with one place to collect feedback and collaborate with your team.

2. Engage employees with engaging content

There is a saying that “people eat with their eyes”. The same goes for intranet content. When content looks good, people are more likely to want to read it.

A good Employee Intranet Solution makes it easy to create a variety of compelling content, including blog posts, meeting notes, marketing campaign plans, and product requirements. Can you imagine trying to format and share this kind of information via email using a basic editor and bullet points? Not many people choose to read it. Templates and a rich editor make it easy for teams to create pages they are proud to share.

With a platform that can create different types of pages, teams not only need to use the intranet as a form of communication, but also need to have all the information in one place for their day-to-day work.

3. Build a culture of transparency

To maximize the capabilities of employees, it is necessary to create a space where employees can share their thoughts and opinions with peace of mind. Did you know that 87% of people want to work for a transparent company? As you might have guessed, the intranet was the ticket to building it.

One of Atlassian’s greatest assets is a corporate culture built on the principles of transparency and openness. As an intranet and day-to-day workspace, Confluence plays a big role in choosing us as a company and how we work together. Anyone can contribute, like and comment on all content shared within the company, ensuring transparency between executives and all employees. Our teams are located all over the world, from Sydney, Australia to Austin, Texas. Our team of over 2,500 feels much smaller when we can share our work.

When teammates feel the power of being truly open at work, they develop stronger relationships with their peers. This will deepen mutual understanding, increase the level of trust, and ultimately allow everyone to fully contribute their value to the team.


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