8 Luxury Upgrades For a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home

8 Luxury Upgrades For a Spa-Like Bathroom At Home

Homeowners often see bathroom remodeling as more than just an improvement. It’s a wise investment, boosting not only the comfort but also the value of their homes. As a matter of fact, increasing home value is the biggest reason residents opt for a bathroom remodel in Tulsa.

Your bathroom is a very personal space where you can unwind and recharge, shaking off the day’s stress. Hence, while improving home value might be a motivating factor for remodeling your bathroom, your own comfort definitely tops the list of reasons to add luxury to this space. In this article, we will take a look at some upgrades you can make for a spa-like bathroom right in your home!

Upgrade Your Shower Head

Upgrading your shower head is a simple and effective step to elevate your bathroom’s comfort level. Consider a rainfall model that evenly distributes water, mimicking a gentle rain, or you could choose a massage shower head for a more refreshing experience. These options won’t break the bank since you can choose whatever suits your budget. The result? A daily shower that feels more like a refreshing retreat, offering a moment of relaxation before you step out to tackle the day.

But here is where things get tricky. Tulsa has a humid, subtropical climate with high temperatures. These conditions can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. To counter this problem, you need professional help. It is a wise idea to hire experts who specialize in bathroom remodeling in Tulsa to recommend and install appropriate fixtures instead of DIYing. 

Soothing Color Schemes

When picking colors for your bathroom, think of the peace you feel in a quiet forest or by a still lake. Soft shades like pale green or gentle blue can wash your space with serenity. You might also consider beige or light brown, which can remind you of smooth stones or clear sand. 

These colors are known for their relaxing effect and can turn your bathroom into a place where stress seems to fade away. You don’t need bold or bright colors to make a statement; the right soft tones can transform your bathroom into a peaceful retreat that feels like a day at the spa. Keep everything simple and let the colors work their magic.

Elegant Fixtures

When updating your bathroom, consider swapping out those ordinary facets and basins for something more refined. Look for sleek, modern faucets that add a crisp, clean look to your space. 

These aren’t just visually appealing but also durable, ensuring your bathroom stays stylish for years to come. A minimalist sink can serve as the room’s focal point, combining utility with minimalist beauty. Opt for designs that boast smooth lines and understated elegance. These changes may seem small, but they can have a significant impact, infusing a sense of luxury into even the most basic bathroom.

Ambient Lighting

When creating a relaxing bathroom, the right lighting can make all the difference. Think about adding a dimmer switch. This allows you to adjust the brightness to fit your mood or the time of day. During a busy morning, you might want it bright and clear. But for an evening bath, you can dial it down to a gentle glow. 

You can also explore various types of lights. Wall-mounted sconces can add both illumination and a touch of elegance. For a soft touch, consider frosted glass fixtures that diffuse light evenly, avoiding harsh shadows. With these simple changes, you can craft a calming atmosphere that transforms your bathroom into a more spa-like space.

Premium Materials

When you’re selecting materials for your bathroom, think about the long haul—quality matters. Opt for materials that can withstand daily use and still look as good as new. Natural stone is a solid choice. Marble offers timeless elegance, while granite stands up to moisture and wear with ease. These aren’t just sturdy, but they also add a polished, refined look that screams ‘luxury.’ 

And it’s not just about looks. These materials are practical, too. They’re easy to clean, resist water damage, and can take the heat from your styling tools. Investing in high-grade materials like these means you’re choosing resilience and style.

Plush Towels and Bathmats

When you step out of a warm bath or shower, there’s nothing quite like the embrace of a plush towel. It’s the little details like these that transform your bathroom routine into a more luxurious experience. High-quality towels not only absorb water more efficiently but also provide a gentle touch to the skin, making drying off an act of self-care.

Similarly, a soft bathmat underfoot creates a cozy, safe landing, preventing slips while wrapping your toes in warmth. These simple upgrades speak volumes in comfort and are an easy way to make your daily rituals feel more indulgent. 

Sensory Enhancements

Sensory enhancements play a vital role in creating a spa-like atmosphere in your home bathroom. Introducing an aromatic diffuser fills the room with a subtle fragrance that can relax or invigorate your senses, depending on the chosen scent. Lavender, for instance, is known for its calming effects, while citrus can awaken and energize.

Similarly, incorporating a sound system allows you to enjoy soothing music or the sounds of nature, helping to drown out the noise of the outside world and transform your bathroom into a peaceful retreat. These simple additions are an invitation to unwind and immerse in a full sensory experience.

Ergonomic Seating

Adding a bench or stool can do wonders for your comfort. Imagine having a secure spot to sit while you’re rinsing off or just letting the steam wrap around you. It’s especially helpful for those days when you’re feeling a bit tired or if you need extra stability. Plus, for anyone who enjoys a good scrub or foot care routine, having a seat allows you to do so with ease. It’s all about making your daily shower your moment of pause, a brief respite that’s as refreshing for the mind as it is for the body.


To conclude, these thoughtful upgrades offer more than just aesthetic enhancement. They provide a sanctuary in your home where relaxation is paramount. Implementing these changes leads to a nurturing, spa-like environment that elevates your daily routine to an experience of comfort and luxury.

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