5 Types of STEM Degrees You Should Consider Majoring In

5 Types of STEM Degrees You Should Consider Majoring In

Are you looking for a strong ROI (Return on Investment) in your career? If so, now is an ideal time to consider majoring in a STEM degree. 

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) projects that by 2031, nearly eleven million US workers will secure employment in STEM fields — and this figure is expected to double by mid-century.

This post explores five types of STEM degrees you should consider majoring in for a lucrative career. 

1: Software Engineering

A degree in software engineering provides you with the knowledge to understand the processes that go into designing, developing, and managing software systems and applications. 

It also teaches you how to identify and inquire into client and user needs while imparting the skills necessary to create or implement software-based solutions. 

Software engineering is one of the most prospering STEM fields in the US, with careers in industries such as:

  • Finance; 
  • Healthcare;
  • Technology;
  • Aeronautics;
  • Green Energy; and
  • Automotive Manufacturing.

2: Data Analytics

A degree in data analytics equips you to develop skills in data mining, analytical tools, statistical techniques, and using databases

When you major in data analytics, you can pursue lucrative careers such as:

  • Quality Control Analyst; 
  • Database Administrator;
  • Business Intelligence Analyst; and
  • Business Operations Specialist. 

3: Material Science and Engineering

Material science and engineering is one of the best STEM majors. It provides you with the expertise to integrate mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics to address global challenges relevant to the environment, society, and technology, including:

  • Healthcare;
  • Materials Efficiency;
  • Transport and Aerospace;
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy; and
  • The Environment and Climate Change. 

With SUNY math and science degrees in material science and engineering, you can secure employment as a:

  • Material Engineer;
  • Manufacturing Engineer; or
  • Research and Development Engineer.

4:  Cybersecurity Management

A cybersecurity management degree equips you with the toolkit to develop, implement, assess, and update security policies and practices that help companies respond to and address cyber attacks. 

With a degree in cybersecurity management, you can expect to hold various positions, including:

  • Security Analyst;
  • Security Administrator;
  • Network Security Engineer; or
  • Information Security Manager.

5: Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

A petroleum and natural gas engineering degree imparts the skills to discover, extract, transport, and refine natural gas resources and oil reserves. 

With a petroleum and natural gas engineering degree, you can expect to work in a wide range of careers in different global locations.

 Your potential career options include:

  • Drilling Engineer;
  • Reservoir Engineer;
  • Production Engineer
  • Marketing Engineer; and 
  • Research Scientist and Engineer. 

Earn Your Preferred SUNY Math & Science Degrees

If you are on the fence about majoring in a STEM degree, you can rest assured that this is an advantageous path. With a stem degree, you can work in various careers, solve the most pressing environmental, societal, and technological issues, and earn a substantial income. 

Moreover, with a decline in STEM professionals and thousands of positions going unfilled, a STEM degree will prepare you to work in a field that helps the country’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global market.

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