Why You Should Hire a Refrigerated Van for Catering Business?

Does food wastage in your catering bother you? Are you searching for any method through which you can minimize food wastage? If yes, then you reached the right destination. 

In this blog, you will know why you should use refrigerated van hire in your catering business and their benefits for your business.

If you operate a catering business, you’ve likely come across people who say they can transport food in their car, but that’s not something you want to risk if your livelihood depends on it.

Benefits of Refrigerated Van

When it comes to catering, one of the most important factors to consider is transporting your food from place to place without compromising quality. 

A refrigerated van will ensure that the food you’re delivering stays fresh and ready to eat throughout your trip. 

If you’re in business to run a catering business, it only makes sense to hire a refrigerated van for transporting food and beverages. Below are the benefits of using refrigerator trucks.

  • Effective temperature control
  • Food will remain fresh and bacterial-free.
  • No need to worry about any breakage.
  • Temperature control will be in your hand.
  • Increase shelf-life of the products.
  • Storage cost is low.
  • Enhance food safety
  • Reduce food wastage.

How refrigerated van hire can help

If you have a catering business, refrigerated van hire will help you in many possible ways. That will reduce your food and product wastage and boost your profit by minimising waste. In a word, it is a one-stop solution to many problems.

Many Companies offer refrigerated van hire to catering companies who need to transport food and other items. Choosing your vehicle to remain food fresh has a range of vans and trucks that can suit your business no matter what you may be transporting. 

Owen brothers catering can help you transport it safely and securely, whether it’s beverages, food, or even medical equipment. We also offer refrigeration repair services if something goes wrong with one of our vehicles. 

When choosing a refrigerated van

If you’re looking to transport anything perishable—drinks, food, or something else—there are three main times you should use a refrigerated van. 

The first time is when your clients require perishables such as dairy products or fresh produce on short notice. 

The second time is when your client requests perishable goods that require refrigeration, and you need to keep those goods cool over an extended period.

The third time is when your client requests you to take care of their medical products at a fixed temperature to remain safe.

What Is Included in Service?

If you’re planning a special event or your company is hosting an off-site meeting with clients or employees, you may need to book some extra equipment. One of those equipment may be a refrigerated van, and we can help! 

To make your special occasion memorable, go for the catering, which offers you a refrigerated van. It will provide you with many things that will help you manage all the products systematically and remain fresh.

In a refrigerated van, you will have the control of temperature, and they also offer different compartments for different food arrangements. Due to this, you will remain outstanding without meshing with other food. Apart from this, they will transport fresh food to any area without any breakage.

How to choose the best?

Refrigerated van hire ensures their clients that they are in safe hands and they can trust us to deliver their products. But don’t just take service from any of them on our word for it. 

Please look at what some past customers have said about their refrigerated van hire service. You can check the reputation and overall service experience through their online portals like Google my business, Trustpilot, yelp, yellow pages and many more.


In the catering business, refrigerated van hire acts as a preservative that will protect all your food. You will learn many things about the catering business and why we need a refrigerated van hire. 

Hope you will get a lot of knowledge about refrigerated van hire. If you are looking for a top catering business that will give you the best service, consult Owen brothers catering. Their years of catering experience give you the best service and a refrigerated van to keep your food fresh and safe.


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