Why Raw Food Diet Is Best For Your Dog?

Why Raw Food Diet Is Best For Your Dog?

However, with regards to your dog you just indiscriminately go to the store and purchase handled undesirable food that contains sugars, freeze dried raw dog food bulk additives which are inconvenient for the strength of your dog. You love your dog so much that you don’t appear to mind regardless of whether the food you’re attempting to give is solid?

So first we should get our fundamentals clear about raw food:

What is raw food?

As the name sounds it’s simply raw, natural, immaculate, completely normal food that gives great nourishment to your pet. It is intended to reproduce what the dogs would eat assuming they were in nature. We at “elkerites” furnish raw food with All the sustenance and kind of raw meat without the wreck. Normally, sound treats produced using the best fixings are a scrumptious compensation for your dog. Our items are morally obtained – human grade meat from neighbourhood homesteads of the country part from Northern Germany. Veterinarians tried and afterward freeze-dried utilizing the most recent strategies.

What’s more, presently you should think it is even essential?

Why feed BARF?

Since it’s damn nutritious-that is all there is to it. At the point when food goes through the most common way of assembling it is deprived of its regular goodness. Every one of the supplements get obliterated simultaneously and all your left with unfortunate handled food. Also, they even add sugar and additives to email the taste and look.


Helps in simple processing: As it is liberated from added substances and sugar it is extremely kind with the stomach. Your pet can undoubtedly process it. Additionally works on the delicate stomach.

Freshers and more white teeth

Dental cleanliness is fundamental for your dog. Solid biting, alongside oral medical care, across the board helps in eliminating tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth.

Diminishes the gamble of microbes

As it is natural it contains every one of the fundamental supplements which are expected to fabricate a sound invulnerable framework. Handled food applies additional interest on the body which debilitates the insusceptible framework over the long run

Further developed stools: As the food is raw and contains no added substances like oils, sugar the stools comes out hard, has less smell and it’s more straightforward to clean

Better skin and coat

As it is high in Protein and Low in Fat. Loaded with fundamental Nutrients and Supplements every one of the advantages for a sound kicked the bucket. It advances solid development of skin and fur. What’s more, it makes it feel milder.

Higher energy levels

Recollect how you felt the last time you ate some great food. Did it feel wonderful right? You were feeling more joyful and more vivacious over the course of the day. Same occurs with our dogs: give them something flavorful and they will adore you considerably more.

That is the reason at “Leckerbites” we incline toward normal raw food which contains all the flavor and nourishment with practically no undesirable additional items like sugar. Our items are obtained from human-grade meat from nearby ranches of the country part of Northern Germany.

Why not feed handled food?

Since it doesn’t have the nourishment of your dog necessities. Additionally, it contains a few terrible fixings like sugar which can expand the calories of your dog and make me fat. You don’t maintain that your dog should be sitting the entire day around sitting idle and unmotivated. Additionally, consider the possibility that I caused you to eat handled food each day. How might you feel? Will you feel phenomenal or dormant?

The equivalent goes for our pets causing them to eat terrible food and see every one of the issues thumping your entryway.

That is the reason it’s ideal to stay with raw quality food. Food that gives great sustenance and taste. Food that makes your pet more lively and better.

Kinds of raw Food Diet

Raw meat based diet

Raw meat consumes less calories containing uncooked fixings got from creature species that are taken care of to dogs in home conditions. Which incorporates different creature parts including muscles, organs, and bones. RMBDs can be planned industrially or home-ready by the proprietor.


The (BARF) Organically Proper raw Food. The first BARF diet was authored by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, taking care of 60% raw, substantial bones. What’s more, the remainder of the eating routine is to be made out of a wide assortment of food varieties including vegetables, grains, and vegetables.

Prey model eating regimen

The “prey model” diet endeavors to make an eating routine that animates the fixings and supplements found in a prey creature’s eating regimen. In the wild, a hunter acquires supplements not just from the meat and organs of the prey they are eating. Yet additionally, from food that the prey creature has eaten already. This diet plans to recreate every one of the supplements that the wild creature would acquire.

What are the Dangers?

Indeed, it’s a piece of controversy,there are sure legends that cloud the raw food industry. In any case, the thing is you can’t turn out badly with nature. Since in the wild dogs just eat raw food. They don’t have somebody like you who could get them natural food with the goal that they can get fat and torpid.

Along these lines, we should bust a few legends around raw food:

It contains Microscopic organisms

Damnation no, at “Leckerbites” we freeze-dry raw food to eliminate all the vast majority of dampness with the goal that microbes can’t flourish with it. Which ensures that your dogs don’t see the vet frequently. Likewise, they’re veterinary tried and you should rest assured about the nature of the food.

Furthermore, in addition, dogs are normal foragers they can manage some measure of pollution as even level spit contains antibacterial properties.

Splinter Bones

In this way, you’re feeling that raw bone can fragment well you’re off-base it’s really the cooked bones which splinter and cause interior draining or stifling. Furthermore, grooming german shepherd consistently direct your pets while they’re partaking in any bites treats or bones. Never feed entire raw unresolved issues as it can cause dental breaks, digestive impediments, and so forth. Continuously feed ground raw bones

Truly there are many brands accessible so you ought to peruse names appropriately. The main fixing which is recorded is most noteworthy in amount. Dissimilar to different brands which contain grains in greater amounts, our items contain 79% protein which helps in the general advancement of your dog.


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