Why people love their air fryer so much. 4 reasons why we love it too

Why people love their air fryer so much. 4 reasons why we love it too

In recent years air fryer seem to be a great hype. Everybody who buys one writes length about them. So I figured I would give it a try and answer the question: Are air fryers really worth it?

They are healthy

The main advantage of air fryers is that they use less fat to cook your meals. This, in my opinion, is the best response to the question of whether air fryers are worthwhile. It may imitate the consistency of deep frying while using a small amount of oil by generating a 360 degree convection of hot air around the food. In fact, according to one research, air-fried meals like fries have up to 80% less fat than items that are deep-fried. Therefore, air fryers are a perfect option if you like your fries crisp without feeling too guilty about it.

These gadgets’ convenience and safety are additional benefits. They don’t utilize excessively hot oil like deep fryers do, so even if you weren’t paying attention and unintentionally burned the food, you won’t have endangered yourself or your family by allowing the heat to go out of control (as is possible with any stovetop or freestanding oven appliance). Additionally, air fryers typically come in sizes that fit on kitchen counters and are simple enough for both adults and children to use on their own.

Regardless of how you choose an air fryer it will be a healthier option than deep fried food.

They Cook Faster Than Ovens.

Air fryers work by circulating hot air through food instead of using heat directly. This means that food cooks faster than it would in an oven. In fact, some models even claim to cook food in half the time it takes in an oven.

Air fryers cook food faster than ovens because they use hot air instead of heat from the bottom. Food cooks evenly without burning or drying out. And since there is no direct contact between the food and the heating element, food doesn’t stick to the pan.

For all of us, time is the most valuable resource. People who frequently cook at home rather than simply ordering) may be conscious of the amount of time cooking can consume. Due to two factors, cooking times can be drastically reduced when using air fryers:

  • First air fryers preheat very very fast. A small air fryer can preheat to 400 degrees in under 3 minutes. That’s insane. I remember whenever I order a pizza and I want to reheat it instantly I have to preheat my oven 10 minutes before my pizza arrives. And for what? Just so I can put it in the oven for 1 minute. Such an energy waste. Well the air fryer has an answer to that: 3 minute preheat time
  • Second since it is a smaller appliance with big power it will cook faster than an oven. Around 60% of the time needed to cook your food in the oven is enough for the air fryer. You may ask why is the air fryer so fast. Well its because the cooking area is a lot smaller and there is a powerful fan circulating the air inside. It will push the 400 degree air powerfully inside your food and therefore it can save you enough time.

Just imagine the amount of time you can spare if you cook 30-60 minutes every day for your family. You can spare 10-20 minutes a day that can add up to days on a yearly basis.

They Save Energy and Money

If you’ve ever tried cooking with an oven, then you know how much energy it uses. Ovens use up to 70% more electricity than other appliances. That’s why people who live alone often turn off their oven when they aren’t using it. An air fryer uses less energy than an oven because it circulates heated air rather than direct heat.

Also you can get an air fryer for less than $50. I even saw one that costed around $35. That is insane if you think about it. Before air fryers if you wanted to have an oven with air fryer functionality you had to spend at least $1500. Also since air fryers are so fast they will spend less electricity. Nowadays that is a real issue. Electricity prices are going up and they will keep going up for sure if you ask me.

It is wise to spare money on electricity where it is possible and with an air fryer you can spare a lot. An oven uses around 3000W whereas a simple air fryer uses around 1200W. That is less than half and also since it will cook your food a lot faster they will be really energy efficient. So for people who want to enjoy their comfort food on budget an air fryer can be a great choice.

They’re Easy To Clean.

You’ll find that cleaning an air fryer is easier than cleaning an oven. It’s also easy to clean the inside of an air fryer after each use. Just wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and let dry.

Air fryers are easy to clean because there’s no grease splatter. You simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. And if you want to cook something other than chicken, you can use the air fryer to bake bread, cookies, and cakes.


So, in our opinion, the response to the question “are air fryers worth it?” is unambiguously “yes.” They are significantly healthier, cost less money, save time, are very small, and can cook a variety of things. There are many benefits to using air fryers over conventional fryers when cooking food at home. They are a healthier alternative because they use less oil.

They don’t occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, which is vital if you are living in an apartment or a smaller house, and they are also simple to use and clean.

Last but not least, air fryers cook food rapidly, making them the perfect choice for those who lead hectic lives.

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