Why is going for Drupal hosting a wise option?

Why is going for Drupal hosting a wise option?

Going for Drupal hosting – Drupal grew in popularity because it is highly customizable, with flexible integrations and thousands of add-on modules, such as calendars and social media sharing buttons, that can be mixed and matched.

In addition, with solid coding standards, a dedicated security team, and a rigorous community code review process, Drupal was designed with security in mind. In an age of hackers, having a secure platform is especially important; companies now have to report if they go through a security breach.

Moreover, Drupal is a search engine optimized, with modules that automatically generate SEO-friendly page titles and URLs, which can help customers locate the site.

What Exactly Is Drupal Hosting?

While Drupal creates the framework for a website, Drupal hosting makes it available to Internet users. Your website stores data on the server of a Drupal hosting provider.

When someone visits your site, they enter your domain address into their browser, and their computer connects to the hosting provider’s server, which displays your webpages on their screen.

Drupal’s popularity stems from its ability to adapt to changing needs. You can begin with a straightforward corporate website and gradually add the necessary functionality (e-commerce, catalogs, rating systems, etc.).

As the business world is becoming progressively more reliant on decision-making speed, your ability to shift your development priorities and chart new paths is one of Drupal’s key advantages.

Let’s take a look at the key advantages that make this CMS so popular:

Capabilities for localization

The first advantage of Drupal is its ability to be localized. Drupal’s international capabilities are outstanding. Geolocation features can be added, such as making content or navigation links available only in specific countries.

You can, for example, publish different content for customers in the United Kingdom and Australia. Affordable Drupal hosting offers the most extensive options for localizing everything on the site.

Access from any location

Smartphones are now used by approximately more than 60% percent of adults worldwide. With 4.3 billion people, mobile accessibility is more important than ever. Drupal and related modules ensure that your site runs smoothly on any number of devices, regardless if you are currently at home, at the office, or on the road.

If you require a CMS that can adapt the site’s content to all of the latest devices, Drupal is the best choice. Mobile-first is a novel “responsive” design approach, and this content management system is unquestionably the market leader.

Drupal meets all modern website criteria with mobile features such as an adaptive administrator interface, responsive images, and the Breakpoints module.

Extensive Module Library

Fast Drupal hosting sites offer numerous customization options. This CMS has a large user base, and thousands of developers contribute to the module library. Its modules include a variety of site features such as:

  • ShareThis for social networks,
  • Image Effects for photo editing,
  • Calendar,
  • GA,
  • Meta tag plugins

Performance and scalability have been improved.

Because your company is constantly expanding, so is the number of visitors to your website. A managed hosting plan enables scalability as your company’s workload grows. This helps ensure that your website does not crash in the event of a traffic spike and that its performance will not suffer.

Your website must run smoothly. As a result, your server should run without any hiccups. A managed hosting plan means that we will “manage” your server and any issues that arise without your website visitors noticing anything wrong.

At Navicosoft, our systems Administrator monitors the server to identify any problems before they occur, ensuring 100% uptime and network availability.

Complete upkeep and updates

Drupal core, modules, and themes will be updated regularly to ensure optimal performance. Maintaining security audits and backups will ensure the safety of your data with one-click updates. With robust application caching, we extend our maintenance to the application level.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is critical to any organization’s visibility and an essential component of its online marketing strategy. Drupal-powered websites receive more traffic than any other CMS. How? Drupal includes several modules and features specifically designed to improve your SEO ranking.

SEO-optimized URLs, for example, make pages easier for search engines to index. When combined with content editing modules, Drupal’s features ensure a strong search-engine-optimized website.

You can keep track of your clicks and analytics with a seamless integration with Google Analytics, which can help you optimize your Drupal website better. Modules such as SEO Checklist can assist you in better organizing.

Around-the-clock assistance

At Navicosoft, our administrators and the rest of the team are available to answer any questions you may have about managed hosting and IT strategies.

We believe that using a managed hosting plan is worthwhile in the long run because it allows you to direct your focus on your business rather than technology. We are happy to handle everything for you with a solution tailored to your project’s requirements.

Some most important features of Drupal are

  • Drupal supports the simple addition of audio, video, images, network video resources (YouTube, Vimeo), and other types of files.
  • Content Workflows: This module assists users in defining various schemes for organizing work processes. It also allows users to create unpublished versions of content that have received updates since the previous version. So you can, for example, launch a news portal with all the functionality required to support your publications throughout their life cycle.
  • Layout Builder: The module allows you to create different layout options for your content directly from the admin panel without knowing HTML. It provides a unified and powerful visual design tool for template content and custom pages.
  • Context Blocks: The majority of the page elements are displayed as blocks. It makes creating pages in the user interface more accessible and allows users to edit them directly on the website. Drag blocks to change the appearance of your website’s text and images. This design flexibility enables users to preview how the text and images will appear on the page before publishing.
  • Quick Editing: To save time when uploading content to your site, enter the text directly into the Drupal text editor.
  • Drupal allows you to use many modules to help create a flexible architecture for the content on your site. Drupal assists users in creating flexible layouts. In addition, Drupal has the advantage of providing comprehensive examples of customizable composite integrations.

Why should you use Drupal instead of WordPress or another CMS?

While WordPress is a fantastic CMS, Drupal is frequently the best choice for complex, content-heavy, and high-traffic websites and those with large resource libraries and databases. Drupal is a very powerful, flexible, functional, and secure platform.

Drupal, in general, is better suited to large and complex sites. Although WordPress is easier to use, it lacks the depth and power many large businesses and agencies require in such a professional website.


With secure Drupal hosting as your CMS, you can deliver flawless performance while meeting your customers’ expectations. Considering its numerous features, benefits, and constantly evolving ecosystem, moving your website to Drupal would be wise.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Drupal Journey? Please feel free to contact us! Our web development team is committed to assisting you at every step of the way. To know more, check our website for affordable Drupal hosting plans.


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