Why is a cloud call center better than an on-premise?


Gartner forecasts that by 2022, half of all contact centers will be in the cloud- and call centers are no exception.

As the COVID-19 situation rages on, cloud call centers are emerging as critical instruments for ensuring business continuity and resilience by integrating agents and customers into the cloud realm. This is achieved by using advanced hosted call center solutions.

Unlike an on-premise center, a cloud call center enables organizations and employees to provide omnichannel customer care while also allowing customers to handle the majority of their queries through self-service. 

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from business continuity and flexibility, there are many key reasons why a cloud call center is better than an on-premise center.

We have produced a simple yet clear comparison of cloud and on-premise call center systems to assist you with call center outsourcing solutions. 

Here Is How Cloud Call Center Is Better Than On-Premise Center

DifferentiatorsOn-Premise Call CenterCloud Call Center
FeaturesTraditional characteristics of on-premise call centers include call transferring and holding, call logging, music while waiting for an agent, and conferencing.Cloud call centers have similar advantages to on-premise call centers, but they can quickly implement new technologies and hosted call center solutions. These functionalities can also be accessed remotely via cloud.
Deployment Rate And CostIt can take months or years to set up an on-premise call center, purchase licenses and hardware, set up the infrastructure, and identify the most compatible call center solutions.
On-premise call centers necessitate an initial investment in equipment, licenses and on-site server housing.
Downloading an app on a desktop that works out of the box without any hardware configuration is the first step in setting up cloud-based call centers.
Cloud call centers do not require substantial upfront hardware or infrastructure costs if the firm has strong internet connection and adequate bandwidth.
ProductivityFor most cases, on-premise call center solutions are incompatible with remote operations. 
In today’s world, where agents must work from homes using mobile devices, an on-premise call center may suffer from agent productivity.
Remote activities are easily compatible with hosted call center solutions. 
They can leverage AI to boost agent productivity by providing advanced capabilities and more. 
It also aids in the reduction of AHT and boosts agent output.
Scalability The on-premise approach lacks scalability because agents are constrained to working and resolving consumer inquiries at certain locations. 
Scaling up the hardware during high-demand enterprises is one of the most difficult aspects of on-premise centers.
Hosted call center solutions allow staff to collaborate throughout the enterprise and communicate with customers regardless of their physical location. 
Hosted call center solutions are more adaptable than on-premises systems.
Dependability On-premise call centers depend on local servers, which creates a single point of failure and raises the risk of downtime. 
They are also susceptible to hardware and infrastructure problems.
Cloud-based call centers have a strong and dependable internet connection, resulting in good call quality. 
Hosted call center solutions provide more resiliency and reliability at a cheaper cost than many on-premises systems tailored to specific companies.


In short, investing in call center technology is a huge decision that must be made with the future in mind. There are various distinctions between on-premise and cloud call centers that provide a clear picture and surpass cloud-based contact centers.

Due to the reduced reliance on IT and the pay-as-you-go model, hosted call center solutions are more cost-effective, scalable, and reliable, especially in uncertain times when working from a workplace is impractical and people work remotely. 

Remote working is not going away anytime soon, and investing in hosted call center solutions will help firms produce more ROI. Contact Aavaz Free PBX, the leading vendor for customized hosted call center solutions today!


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