What to Do if You Do Not Own a Car in Dubai

What to Do if You Do Not Own a Car in Dubai

Dubai is top ranked among the cities teemed with luxury cars. “Everyone must own a car in Dubai” is an unwritten law in the city of gold. And almost everyone follows it. The conventional methods of purchasing a car in Dubai and their low prices are the main reasons behind this law. However, if you are a newbie in Dubai or due to any other reason, don’t have a car of your own, then what do you have to do?

The answer is pretty straightforward. You need to get a car for yourself when living in Dubai. You can also rent one as though. There are abundant options for rent a car in Business Bay and other popular communities in Dubai.

You will never want to miss an opportunity to explore this most visited city in your personal vehicle. Therefore, you have to buy your own car in case you don’t have one. However, is it that simple to own a vehicle in Dubai? Here find everything that you need to do to get a Car Rental Denver Airport Under 25.

Finding a Car Dealer

The first step is to find a car dealer. Finding a car dealer is not a difficult task in Dubai as you will find many of them. However, due to plenty of options available, it will be hard for you to choose one for yourself. For that purpose, make some decisions. First of all, you set a budget for a car. Then you have to decide whether you will get a brand new or a second-hand car.

This will assist you in shortlisting some respective dealers. Then you can choose the one for yourself to buy a car in Dubai. However, there is another possibility as well. You can buy a car for yourself at an auction. Auctions of second-hand and brand-new cars often take place in Dubai. So you can attend an auction and bid for your desired vehicles.

Transferring the Ownership

You cannot just pay the dealer or previous owner of the car and start riding it in Dubai. You have to follow specific rules in Dubai to get ownership of the car. To do so, both you and the previous owner of the vehicle have to visit a nearby traffic police office. Here the previous owner will show that the finances of the car are totally clear. No installments or debts have been pending regarding this car after that transferring process will take place.

Different checks have been made before transferring ownership. Both you and your dealer must have your ids with you. Your residence permits in Dubai and your passports should also be carried by you. Moreover, you must also have a photocopy of each of your documents. License verification and insurance checking will also take place during this transfer process.

Insurance Checking

Insurance of the car that you are willing to buy is almost a mandatory thing in Dubai. You must have ensured that the car you are buying is registered with a well-reputed insurance company. This insurance will be beneficial for you in the future. This will allow you to get your car repaired without paying based on its insurance.

And the best thing about insurance is that it is required for several processes of getting ownership of the car. For example, when you go to the traffic police to get ownership, they will check your car’s insurance. Moreover, they will also confirm it by using several resources.


Having a license is necessary to get a car in Dubai. The permit is issued by the respective agency after training and trial. If your age is less than 21, you can get a car driving license for one year only. However, if your age is 21 or high, then on the basis of your residence permit, you can get a license in Dubai for a longer duration.

This license will be applicable for almost 10 years. You need to renew your license once it expires. If you already have a driving license in more than 36 countries and states, you can get one in Dubai without training and trials.


Now you know what you have to do if you don’t own an Electric Car Rental in Dubai. You should get it as soon as possible. When getting one, follow all the steps perfectly, so you don’t miss out on getting a perfect car. If you’re in Dubai for a short period of time, renting, of course, is the better choice, and for this, you need to contact One Click Drive. It’s the best car rental agency in Dubai for luxury and supercars.


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