What is cloud telephony, why is it needed, and how does it work?

What is cloud telephony, why is it needed, and how does it work?

Businesses with cloud telephony are benefitted as it provides data storage of the business’s entire warehouse on the cloud. Cloud telephony assists in easy accessibility and easier control of data. A business can access any information at any given time that can be integrated with other solutions like virtual numbers, missed call solutions, outbound calling, IVR solutions, Click-to-call, etc. A Cloud telephony solution is provided and managed by a third party that removes the need for any conventional system to operate. The advantage of technology makes it easier in setting, installing, and also using.

There are many cloud communication providers that a business can choose from. With remote access to the clients either through the Internet or through subscription-based models, a host can maintain and support the service. With cloud telephony, a robust multi-channel cloud communication structure is created. Different cloud technologies offer different benefits that can be used by a business according to their needs for various usages. With cloud communication, a business is empowered in addressing customer engagement that results in customer satisfaction. Cloud telephony with a super receptionist is like a personal receptionist that is virtually hosted. With a super receptionist, a business gets a personal contact number that enables customers to call 24×7. When a business offers 24×7 services, it boosts the engagement rate and increases service delivery.

Cloud telephony is needed as it helps a business in the following ways:

  1. It is economical as it is very easy to set up and activate. With a smart plug-in and play solution, a cloud-based contact center can easily integrate it with their current CRM software. It does not require any manual labor or expenses for infrastructural setup.
  2. It offers better communication; it provides a comprehensive view of data. It gives easy access to detailed customer information along with the history of the previous conversation. It enables the business agents to understand and address customer issues faster.
  3. As a cloud communication solution, super receptionist makes a business available for customers round the clock; it benefits in expanding market reach. Along with IVR, a business becomes more customer friendly; the business can record messages and enable voice mails for post-working hours and non-working days. The message ensures the customer’s problems are recorded and they are reconnected on the next working day or hour. With customer satisfaction, a business can draw lead generations and also create brand credibility.
  4. It also helps to increase workforce productivity. It helps a business to keep track records of the agent-customer conversation. This helps to get insights into the agent’s performance and also use the insights as tools for training purposes. Cloud telephony enhances customer experience as it provides wait time updates, with regional greetings along with customized hold music.

Some of the popular cloud telephony solutions are:

  1. Virtual number: Business virtual numbers are easy-to-recall numbers that are used to create seamless communication with customers. It helps in routing incoming calls to the agent that is available at the moment and offers customers a quick response.
  2. IVR solution: Interactive Voice Response solution helps to automate call management. It begins with personal greetings followed by self-help with multi-level menus for customers.
  3. Missed call solution: A business with missed call solution can contact back the customers who called on the business numbers. With a missed call alert service solution a customer gets a message after the call gets automatically disconnected assuring that the call has been recorded.
  4. Toll free number: A toll free number starts with 1800 which is easy to recall and thus makes it easier for customers to connect with the businesses. As the cost of toll free numbers is borne by the business, it helps customers to call and communicate with the business free of cost.
  5. Click-to-call solution: It is an easy way to connect with the customers that connect with a business as it enables customers to contact a business just by a click.

Knowlarity is one of the most popular cloud telephony providers in India. It offers multi-channel platforms with CRM integration. It helps a business with customized solutions that are easily scalable. It ensures security and reliability by providing business enterprise grade security.


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