Ways to make the blonde hair look like Nicki Minaj

Ways to make the blonde hair look like Nicki Minaj

Blonde hair has always been very popular, particularly when celebrities like Nicki Minaj are showing off their sexiness, elegance and mystery. No wonder so many ladies are following suit. How to make your blonde hair look just like Nicki Minaj? Let me have a look.

1.NICKI MINAJ charming blonde hair.

Nicki Minaj must be the queen of clothes, interesting colors and avant-garde lyrics. She can always keep sexy and bold style in clothes and hair and spare no effort to show the beauty of her different styles. When it comes to Nikki Minaj’s hair, it has to be blonde human hair. Nicky Minaj once liked blonde hair. Nicki Minaj even said this: “When I went to dye my hair for the first time, I was about 14 years old and I wanted blonde hair. The beautician said,’ No, you have to call your mother,’ and I just cried and begged.

We did an opinion poll, which showed that Nicki’s blonde hair was very attractive. Nicki Minaj’s long blond hair is perfectly matched with beautiful wigs, straight hair & deep wave wig showing gorgeous human hair.

2. Ways to let the blonde hair look like Nicki Minaj.

613 blonde lace frontal with bundles sew-in.

Sew-in techniques can make your hair look natural. 613 blonde lace frontal with bundles sew in can definitely give you the very same hairstyle as Nicki Minaj.

613 blonde lace frontal with bundles sew-in is the best way to make your 613 human hair wig hairstyles look better. 613 Blonde lace frontal has a large piece of lace on the front, which can cover your whole forehead, forming a complete hairline from ear to ear. If you are higher request for the natural looking, you may need the hd lace wig or glueless wig, which can give you the real scalp vibe. The larger piece of lace can be sewn in, and it is difficult to recognize that hair does not grow from your head. You will enjoy the most natural and beautiful hairline when you get 613 blonde human hair and lace frontal. More importantly, our hair is 100% Remy hair, full and soft.

Advantages: A variety of hairstyles will bring a changeable of hairstyles. If you want to change your hairstyle, 613 blonde 13×4 lace frontal is very helpful to you. Wearing a 13×4 lace frontal with bundles sew-in, you can comb your hair in any style you like. You can comb human hair into a middle hairstyle, a side hairstyle, a high ponytail, or you can even comb all the hair back directly, leaving a complete and beautiful hairline.

613 Blonde T-part wig.

613 Blonde T-part wig is the second option to have blonde hair like Nikki Minaj. There are three combs on the back of the wig, and a 1*4-inch lace band in the middle of the wig can protect your hairline. 613 blonde T-part wig is suitable for beginners and busy ladies. It’s quite simple to put on. You just need to braid your natural hair, put on the 613 T-part wig, then adjust the wig and the edge, and comb the wig with your natural hair. Just need less than ten minutes. You can get the same hairstyle as Nicki Minaj. A wig can save your money and can use like a full lace wig. On the other hand, it is look very natural and full. Go get it!


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