UV Protection Umbrellas Lead the Charge to Stay Safe in the Shade

It may seem strange that something as simple as an umbrella can help fight cancer, but more and more doctors and researchers are recommending UV protection umbrella to patients who want to protect themselves as much as possible against the sun’s harmful rays.

While there is still no cure for skin cancer, a combination of measures is recommended as a good preventative measure. There’s no point in hiding from something as ubiquitous as the sun, and besides, who wants to stay inside on a beautiful summer day?

As awareness of the steps one should take to prevent skin cancer grows, so does the popularity of UV protection umbrellas. These versatile umbrellas complement a strict skin protection program, as their fabric has been shown in studies to block up to 99 per cent of harmful UV rays. In addition, the industry behind the manufacture of these umbrellas is currently expanding to diversify the number of umbrellas available on the market today.

Already, umbrellas are available in fantastically bright colours, with larger, better-supported umbrellas and adjustable stands. Even the technology that goes into the design of the stands themselves has benefited from new developments that have strengthened their construction and improved the versatility of the UV umbrella.

The call for more effective, convenient and comfortable UV protection umbrellas seems to be spreading across the country. While various other regions of the world have popularized different versions of the parasol, it seems that recently – with growing public awareness about the dangers of skin cancer and the need for more people to take proper preventative measures – the UV protection umbrella has gained popularity. Protecting the skin is a serious concern that anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun should keep in mind.

The fight to find a cure for skin cancer remains in full swing. While it’s important to continue raising awareness and funding important research, it’s also important that in the meantime we take as many precautions as possible to protect ourselves from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

We don’t have to stop enjoying the outdoors, we just need to be safe and act wisely when we are outside. When you’re ready, try adding some darker-colored clothing to your wardrobe during the summer.


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