Trauma counseling, why it happens and what are its benefits.

Trauma counseling, why it happens and what are its benefits.

There are so many people around the globe that are engaging in various things, all those things are not always going to be like a walk in the park, such as becoming a solider, becoming a fighter, becoming a racer, becoming a teacher, and even a counselor. Just existing and living your life can make you go through trauma as well, in more ways than one, such as getting raped, harassed etc. Women go through this more than men but the end result is the same, which is getting traumatized.

All of these aspects can be quite destructive, you go to the army to help the world become a better place, but unfortunately, seeing your fellow solider die on the field can cause severe trauma. Fighters tend to go through grueling matches that can traumatize a person as well, seeing someone bleed in the ring, whether that is a wrestler, boxer, or an MMA fighter, all can cause severe trauma to people that are watching it, to people that are engaging with each other in the ring, the winner and the loser, everyone has a high chance of getting traumatized, furthermore, rape and harassment is another thing that is quite common in inducing trauma.

What are the things that can cause trauma?

As mentioned above, the things that can cause trauma are rape, violence of any kind be it from a partner, parent, sibling, teacher or anyone at all. War, disasters of natural kind such as earthquake and hurricanes etc. They can all leave a trail of disaster in the form of broken houses, hundreds of thousands of people dying, and the biggest damage of all which is broken dreams of innocent people. Death of someone that you love can also be a triggering thought that many have to face, this can cause severe trauma as well.

Furthermore, the things that can make trauma worse is the fact that witnessing all these things in front of your eyes such as the murder of someone, someone being raped that you love, someone abusing, hitting, or downright being a criminal can be traumatizing as well, and all these situations require you to go to trauma counseling to ease the pain of such exhausting traumas that can affect the mind and soul to the core and shake it.

The benefits of trauma counseling.

There are so many benefits that trauma counseling offers, they are the following:

Trauma counseling helps you re-establish your safety nets.

You are not aware of what is the boundary, the safe boundary that you can let people in. Once a traumatic event happens, you are not aware of how to comprehend talking to someone of the opposite gender, the same gender that raped you, harassed you, abused you, you feel like everyone is the same, that is what majority of women experience when such a traumatic event happens to them. This can be phased out in several months to a year, it is not easy to re-establish safety parameters, but it can be done with trauma counseling. For more information

Helps you identify triggers.

Through trauma counseling, the counselor can sit with you and help you understand which things can cause you triggers and reignite your traumatic experiences, these triggers will be tackled one by one until you are comfortable with getting exposed to them.

Healthy coping skills will be developed.

Whenever you remember your trauma, you feel like a stone, that will change with trauma counseling, you will be able to develop healthy coping skills to combat such situations so you remain functional in your life. To get all of these benefits and to solve your trauma once and for all, go to this link:


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