Top 5 Classy Rooftop Cargo Boxes for Cars In 2022

Top 5 Classy Rooftop Cargo Boxes for Cars In 2022

Whether you own a small minivan or a huge SUV, installing a cargo box on the roof of your vehicle may help with organization, carrying capacity, and comfort.  

These storage containers, also known as rooftop pods or car-top carriers, are available in various sizes to suit your gear (including skis). They differ in terms of durability, simplicity of use, aesthetics, security, and other factors. This article breaks down the top brands in 2022, from pricey luxury models and tiny carriers to popular all-rounders that do the work for most people. 

Yakima GrandTour 16 

If you’re looking for an excellent all-around cargo box, we believe the Yakima GrandTour is the way to go. This cargo roof box is one of the simplest to install, as simple as a roof rack superstore and use – our favorite feature is the relatively smooth inside, which prevents your goods from being entangled in anything while loading or unloading. It opens on both sides, is reasonably robust and safe, and looks excellent on most vehicles. The clamps offer a greater range than usual, allowing this box to fasten to a larger variety of crossbar sizes and shapes. The lid isn’t loose, and using the latches and locks isn’t difficult. 

One disadvantage of the smooth inside is the requirement for a separate tool to tighten or loosen the clamps. Yakima supplies a torque wrench for this purpose. The wrench makes installation easier and creates a clicking sound when the tightening is just right—not too loose, not too tight. Yakima also includes a tool rack inside the cargo box, allowing it to reside safely and neatly inside. However, there is still the potential for loss. Should the need arise, you can obtain replacements from Yakima. 

Thule Force XT XL  

Large families and outdoor lovers will appreciate the Thule Force XT XL’s 18-cubic-foot interior, found to be remarkably roomy and adaptable due to the clever dimensions (77.5″ x 29.5″ x 15.25″). The quick-mount mechanism with its simple “PowerClick” design that creates an audible clicking sound when the carrier is firmly fastened is the most user-friendly. The Force XT XL is firmly secure once mounted, even when traveling at highway speeds with a full load. The pod is simple to load and unload due to its dual-sided access and ergonomic locking mechanism. Despite its intimidating size, the Thule’s clever aerodynamic design minimizes wind drag, resulting in less noise and a reduction in fuel economy than projected. 

INNO Wedge 660 

If you frequent enclosed parking lots or park in a garage, you might reconsider acquiring a custom boxes. Many versions here add over two feet to the top of your car (when the height of the box and the rack is taken into account), which is unacceptable, especially for SUVs and vans. The good news is that folks who need to keep a low profile have several alternatives. The Wedge 660 is one of the best designs in this category, with a contoured form with 11 inches of depth while only rising 9.6 inches over your rack’s crossbars. 

The Wedge has more to offer than just clearance: it features a quality fit and finish, including tool-free installation, a beautiful and aerodynamic form that minimizes wind noise while accommodating a back antenna and hatch, and a two-sided opening that improves access and organization. While INNO’s Wedge array includes a variety of various sizes, it’s worth noting that the 660 is the only low-profile variant. 

Yakima SkyBox 16 Carbonite  

Are you looking for a nice rooftop box that won’t break the bank? The Yakima Skybox Carbonite is an excellent buy. The SkyBox Carbonite does an excellent job of keeping your gear safe, secure, and conveniently accessible, all at a price that allows you to buy more equipment to fill it. The lid isn’t floppy at all, and the latching system signals when the SkyBox is open, making it far more difficult to drive away with an unlocked box unintentionally. Furthermore, the matte black surface conceals scratches and scrapes far better than the glossy shine of some of the sleeker and more fashionable versions we’ve examined. 

The box provides enough room in a small footprint while maintaining a sleek, aerodynamic design that reduces drag and wind noise. It also features a tapered back shape to prevent hatch obstruction. It can accommodate three people’s camping gear as well as skis and snowboards up to 185 cm in length. It is also constructed of up to 80% recyclable material. Most individuals will be OK with 16 cubic feet; however, you may reduce it to 12 or increase it to 21 with other models if necessary. 

Thule Pulse M 

Pulse is a terrific place to start if you prefer the function above form but want to continue with the Thule brand. Although this base model lacks frills, there are several advantages to keeping with a well-known company, like good customer service and compatibility with other Thule products.  


We genuinely hope that this evaluation and professional suggestions have assisted you in locating the ideal stylish rooftop cargo carrier for all your gear transport requirements, regardless of the sort of goods you need to transfer or your budget. 


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