Tips to Vape Etiquette & How to Consume Like a Pro

Tips to Vape Etiquette & How to Consume Like a Pro

Today, many people want to try vaping but aren’t sure about the proper conduct of vaping. Vape etiquette is essential in creating a vaping community and allowing others to vape in peace. Others have tried it but don’t quite know how to vape like the pros. Knowing the right way to vape can be confusing with many different options and weird lingo. So, this post introduces vaping etiquette, techniques, and other valuable tips. Keep reading!

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Tips for Vape Etiquette 

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, with a constantly evolving etiquette. Its etiquette is essential because it can protect non-vapers from exposure to vapors. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to vaping, vaping in public can be intimidating. 

However, vaping etiquette will vary depending on where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. So, it’s essential to learn etiquette for every situation. 

Check the State Laws 

Vaping is legal in most states, even if the content is CBD or THC. For instance, it’s legal to carry your CBD oil around in the UK. However, you might find yourself in a state where vaping is entirely illegal.

You don’t want to land in trouble because you didn’t make findings on vaping legality. Though vaping laws vary from state to state, each one is important in its way. In some states, vaping is banned in public places, while others restrict it in some areas. 

No matter what the law is in your state, you must follow it to help keep everyone safe. 

Avoid Vaping in a Crowd 

It is crucial to avoid vaping in a crowd because it is distracting and disruptive to others. Vaping in a group is inconsiderate, but it can also be dangerous. Not only will you be bothering those around you with your smoke, but you could also start a fire if you’re not careful. 

So, next time you’re in a crowd, avoid vaping. 

Avoid Vaping Around Kids 

Kids want to try everything they see adults doing, and that’s enough reason not to vape around them. Vaping around kids is inconsiderate and dangerous for their health. Secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes can contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals. And these chemicals can be harmful to kids if they are exposed.

Also, kids may want to try vaping if they see adults doing it, leading to nicotine addiction and other health issues. So, it’s best to avoid vaping around them for the kids’ health and well-being. 

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Ask Before Vaping Indoors 

Even if you have the right to vape indoors, you have to consider the people around you at the moment. Or let’s assume you visited a friend; you need to be sure they’re okay with you vaping indoors. 

If your host doesn’t find it comfortable, you shouldn’t do it. However, if they accept vaping around them, consideration still matters. You can be considerate enough to vape an e-liquid with low vapor. 

How to Vape Like a Pro 

Now that we’ve discussed the basic vaping etiquette let’s look into how to vape like a pro among your vaping friends. Here are a few tricks that make you look like a pro. 

O-ring Trick

The O ring vaping trick is an excellent way to impress your friends with your vaping skills. You need to create a small O shape with your lips while exhaling the vapor to do the trick. The O ring should be about the size of a quarter. 

Once the O ring forms, gently blow the vapor through the O ring. The vapor will travel through it and create a calm, circular effect. 

French Inhale Trick 

The French Inhale method can be tricky to master. But it’s a terrific way to show off your vaping skills once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is push out your bottom lip once there’s enough vapor in your mouth. Exhale slowly, then inhale the residual smoke through your nose. 

Dragon Trick 

The Dragon trick involves exhaling vapor from the corners of your mouth and nostrils. So, it generates a fantastic effect that will impress other vapers. When your mouth is full of vapor, try exhaling simultaneously through your nose and mouth. 

Though this trick seems complicated, you’ll get it after much practice. 

Ghost Inhale Trick 

Ghost Inhale is a cool trick that even new vapers will get after enough practice. Take a nice long drag and let the vape stay in your mouth. After a few seconds, use your tongue to push it out. 

Hold your breath, and then take it back in right away. Though it’s a more advanced trick, you can learn it with enough practice. 

Jellyfish Trick 

This trick is probably one of the most challenging tricks out there. You’ll most likely come across it in a vaping competition. Exhaling jellyfish involves inhaling a large, complete ring. Then, you push it and follow it for a specified distance. 


Vaping is an enjoyable hobby. However, we should do it in the right way. We hope that this blog post has helped you understand the etiquette and tricks that make you look like a pro. Let us know your favorite trick in the comments section below.


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