10 Tips For Caring For Your Pullover Sweater

10 Tips For Caring For Your Pullover Sweater

They should be washed before you put your sweaters away for the summer. It will help prevent moths from attacking your favorites and also keep them looking fresh.

Putting your sweaters in mesh laundry bags will help them stay clean during washing, preventing abrasions from rough items like towels and denim jeans.

Keep It Clean

If your sweater says Dry Clean Only, take it to a professional. Ignoring the care label is one of the fastest ways to ruin your pullover sweater.

If you must wash your sweater at home, use cold water and a mild detergent – or better yet, a special wool wash. Also, button any buttons and zip up zippers before washing. Never wring your sweater, as this can cause it to stretch and pill. Lay it flat on an absorbent towel, reshaping and squeezing excess moisture.

Keep It Dry

When washing your sweater, always follow the care labels instructions. This is especially important for delicate wool and cashmere pieces, which should be hand-washed rather than machine-washed.

When draining, gently squeeze the sweater – never wring it, which can cause stretching. Instead, roll it up inside a towel and press firmly to remove excess water.

When you’re ready to dry your sweater, lay it flat on a dry towel and reshape it, pushing the ribbing along the wrists, neckline, and waist. Then, let it air dry for 24 hours.

Keep It Flat

Whether you store your sweaters in drawers or on shelves, they’re best kept flat. Hanging a sweater can stretch its shoulders and cause those “hanger dimples.”

Acrylic (a synthetic fiber that looks and feels like wool) is easy to machine wash, but wool and cashmere are best washed by hand to avoid damage.

To keep your sweaters looking fresh, a pilling stone can remove those pesky fuzz balls that can unravel a sweater. Closet organizers with shelf dividers can also help prevent sweater stacks from imploding.

Keep It Organized

Sweaters need to be stored carefully so they don’t stretch out. Hanging them up will pull them out of shape, so fold your sweaters flat or roll them. 

Keep your pullovers looking great season after season with these easy tips. It offers men’s pullovers in warm merino and soft cashmere blends that pair well with khakis and performance knits designed for every adventure. These styles transition easily from a camping trip to a casual Friday at the office.

Keep It Fresh

If your sweater is smelling musty, you may need to wash it. First, spot-treat any stains with stain remover (as required). Then, fill a sink or tub with cold, water-never hot! Add a little detergent or wool wash, and gently agitate. Rinse well and dry thoroughly.

When it comes to storing your sweaters, don’t hang them. It can cause them to stretch and lose their shape. Instead, fold them and put them in a breathable storage bag. Then, could you place it in a cool closet or drawer? And don’t forget to put some cedar or lavender in the bag to keep pesky moths away!

Keep It Fresh During Storage

If you need more drawer space or shelves, rolling your sweaters is an easy way to preserve their shape. Just place a sheet of acid-free tissue paper or cloth between each roll.

Before you put your sweater away for the season, squeeze out excess water (never wring it) and press it flat onto a dry towel. Then, reshape it to its original form.

Be sure to store your sweaters in a cool, dark spot away from sunlight. This will help keep colors vibrant and prevent moths.

Keep It Fresh While Wear

Sweaters can easily shrink or stretch out of shape if you don’t wash them thoroughly between wears. Hand-washing is the best way to keep them fresh.

Fill a sink or tub with lukewarm water and mix in mild detergent or wool wash. Soak your pullover for a minute, then gently agitate the fabric.

Never wring your sweater out, as this could damage the fibers and cause them to shrink. Gently reshape the knit and pat it dry with a clean towel, focusing on the neckline, wrists, and waistline.

Keep It Fresh During Washing

Sweaters can suffer greatly in the washing machine, so follow care instructions and avoid harsh detergents. Choose the “delicate” or hand wash cycle if you must use a mild detergent.

Rinse with cold water to prevent stretching and shrinking. Avoid mixing colors, and always reshape and towel dry before storing.

Look for snags every couple of wears, and fix them by turning the sweater inside out. You can gently pull the block to the other side with a crochet hook or needle.

Keep It Fresh During Drying

If your sweater gets a spot of spaghetti sauce or red wine, dab it with a clean cloth or paper towel to soak up the stain. Then consult the care label for instructions on machine-washing it – ideally on a cold or delicate cycle at the lowest spin speed.

Always wash your sweaters with cold water to avoid fading or pilling. Also, never dry a shirt with other garments to prevent dye transfer. Lay it flat on an absorbent towel and reshape it as needed.

Keep It Fresh During Storage

The biggest secret to keeping sweaters fresh is proper laundering before storing them. Even if you only wore them once, washing your sweaters before storage keeps them from attracting moths (which love body oils and perfume). Fill a sink or bucket with cool water, add a few squirts of laundry detergent, and pretreat your sweater. Then, rinse it, press (never wring) to suck out excess moisture, and dry it flat on a towel. Steaming is okay, too, if it can be done without shrinking the sweater. Never hang your sweaters, as they will stretch and misshape over time.

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