The best way to find a job you love

The best way to find a job you love

Resumes are seen as an essential part of the job search today. Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with creating the first resume in 1482 and in the 538 years since the basic format of the resumes we create has changed only marginally. Concurrently, 38% of cyber professionals are experiencing overwork and burnout, causing widespread workplace stress. In an era of ever-improving technology, should we be considering another approach to job seeking that empowers career satisfaction?

When you are looking cybersecurity job, you need to have a good resume.

What is a resume?

Resumes are a tried and tested way to organize your experience and skills, prepare for an interview where you’ll be talking about yourself, and communicate your personality to prospective employers. They’re a trusted medium, understood by professionals and organizations alike. Resumes often use the same format – they lead with personal information, then list roles and previous work experience and highlight the things that we deem to be most relevant to the position in mind.

However, resumes fail to represent the true value that professionals have to offer. Vital task and project information is often missing, with personal details prioritized instead. Resumes also allow hiring managers to focus on certain groups that they want to hire or subconsciously look for things they understand, such as education, previous companies, or even names – leading to inadvertent hiring biases.

As a result, diversity cannot be achieved, job screening is poor, professionals waste time interviewing for jobs that don’t fit them, and job seekers end up settling for roles they don’t love. And if they don’t love them, they won’t stay in them – retention in the cybersecurity industry is particularly poor, with the average tenure of a CISO now only 18-24 months.

In an era of ever-improving technology, we need a better way to find each other, enable inclusive behavior, and match with the right jobs, fast. is one of the best places to find cybersecurity jobs, which is constantly updated with the latest data. This helps you understand your worth to an organization as your career progresses.


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