The Benefits of Rubber Floor Mats in Commercial Kitchens

The Benefits of Rubber Floor Mats in Commercial Kitchens

If you run a commercial kitchen, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of rubber floor mats. They are an excellent way to reduce slip-and-fall accidents, are easy to install and reduce physical stress. Read on to learn more. Here are four reasons why you should consider purchasing rubber floor mats for your commercial kitchen:

Non-slip matting reduces slip and fall accidents

In fact, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents in the food service industry are three times more common than those that occur in other areas of the restaurant. The top causes of these accidents include floor tiles, grease, and moisture. To avoid these accidents, consider purchasing non-slip mats and a mat transport rack for your restaurant. These rubber floor mats not only reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents but also allow them to dry. To see the full detail of rubber floor mats see

Fortunately, non-slip matting is an inexpensive way to prevent slip and fall accidents in commercial kitchens. These rubber floor mats can help to keep floors dry and clean and can also protect employees from falling. For wet areas, consider non-slip entrance mats, or place grit products on floor tiles to increase traction. The traction they provide will prevent falls.

Easy to install

If your commercial kitchen does not have a budget to update its floors, you can retrofit your floor with a rubber kitchen mat. The Stand Easy Premier interlocking drainage mat is an excellent choice for a commercial kitchen. Its interlocking design provides wide floor coverage and is dimensionally stable, which means it will not shift or sag while in use. The Competitor Series is a good option for smaller commercial kitchens.

Besides protecting floors from spills and ensuring the safety of your employees, rubber floor mats also make the workspace cleaner. The mat’s holes trap dirt and debris, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Its tapered edges make it easy to sweep up spills, and its nitrile closed-cell compound makes it comfortable to stand on and durable enough to withstand a commercial kitchen environment.


The life of rubber floor mats in commercial kitchens varies depending on a number of factors. These factors include foot traffic, exposure to caustic fluids, and oils, as well as the amount of cleaning and maintenance performed on them. Many mats are rated to last more than a year. However, the durability of ergonomic mats also depends on the type of material that was used to make them. In general, closed-cell PVC mats are more durable than other materials found on the market.

One of the benefits of using rubber mats in commercial kitchens is that they make the floors safer. The mats prevent slips and fall and can also keep the kitchen cleaner. This is because the holes in the mats collect dirt and debris. Spills run through the mats and accumulate until they are swept away. Also, the rubber floor mats create a barrier between the floor and the equipment. This means that there is less chance of damaging the equipment by falling on it. To see the working of rubber floor mats see this video link


For those who work in food service businesses, the cost of rubber floor mats in commercial kitchens may seem out of reach. However, they can prevent future medical bills and help to reduce pain and injury among workers in food service facilities. Commercial kitchens typically have floors covered with grease and oil, and a rubber floor mat will protect the floor from these substances. Choosing a mat with the right amount of traction and durability is important when it comes to keeping a kitchen floor clean.

Commercial kitchen floors are notorious for getting messy. During rush hours, spills and drips often go unnoticed. These can be especially dangerous, especially if they are oily, which may lead to a fall. The cost of rubber floor mats in commercial kitchens is worth the investment. Not only will these mats protect your workers’ feet and back, but they’ll also improve the overall work environment.


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