Tips To Stay Stress-Free Before Exams

It is very common for students to worry before their exams. They feel pressured the more the days go by. They try several techniques to stay calm, but they end up taking too much stress. They need to understand that stress will just make the situation worse.

Instead of stressing and thinking about all the stuff, the one thing they can do is study and revise. They need to revise their whole syllabus and read all the important notes. Pupils also need to solve all their doubts by consulting with their teachers and professors. They also need to go through all the solutions they got from online essay help.

Students try several ways to make themselves relax and stay cool. But somehow, they can’t. Let’s discuss several tips which students need to follow to stay stress-free before the exams.

  • Set realistic goals – Few students are out there who set unrealistic goals, and later on, they have to suffer because of that. For example, when they get to know that two weeks are left for an exam, they think they will cover the whole syllabus and be able to revise all the chapters twice.

In the end, they can only cover 15% of the syllabus. Instead of choosing the whole syllabus, they should have planned to cover the tough parts or in which they have doubts.

So, it is thus suggested that whenever you are sitting to make a plan, always set it realistically.  

  • Mindfulness techniques – Students need to turn off the lights and sit for 20-30 minutes calmly. Then, they can use a mat and sit on the floor. If they are subjected to external noise then they can put on some calm music and work on it. This exercise will help them to release their stress and concentrate better.

They also can try out a few breathing exercises. All these mindfulness techniques help students forget about the stress and calm them. If they do this for one week straight, then they will be able to feel the difference on their own.

  • Think positive  – Several students are there who think that their exam will not go well and all the questions will come out of the syllabus. They think all these even after they are well prepared for the exams.

To reduce the stress before exams, they need to start thinking positively. The only thing they will have to worry about is how well prepared they are. Parents play a huge role in this. They need to always motivate the students.

  • Talk – Sometimes, the best way to release stress is to talk. Talk with your parents about the stress you are having, and they will surely be able to help you in a certain way. Talk with your friends. You will get to know that you are not the only one in stress. Generally, all students feel a bit nervous.

You can also discuss a few things which you love. For example, you can discyss about films or some of the best places to go for a vacation after the exam is over. Talking with someone will divert your mind from exams, even for a bit.

  • Maintain a healthy routine – Do not think that pulling all-nighters, getting 2-3 hours of sleep and having your food late will reduce your stress. Before exams, always try to maintain a routine.

Make sure you are sleeping for at least 7 hours a day. Have fruits. Try to work out or go for a walk for at least 30 minutes. Try to take less caffeine and have at least 4 litres of water per day. Maintaining the right routine will help you to stay positive.

  • Do what you love – After you are done with your studies, always try to take some time and do what you love the most. For example, take out your favourite book from the shelf and read it.

You can watch your favourite tv series. If playing the guitar is what you love then play it.. Doing what you love at the end of the day will help students deal with stress. After studying all day, the best thing to do is go for a walk.

  • Be confident and believe in yourself – It’s you, at the end of the day, who needs to believe in yourself. You need to believe that you have worked hard enough throughout the year. You should not panic by thinking negatively. Pupils always need to stay focused and be confident always.


These are all the ways students can follow if they want to release stress and relax before an exam. They need to understand that the more they are going to take stress, the more it will affect them mentally.

Before exams, they should study hard and be focused. They need to cover their syllabus on time and go through the solution when they have got from online  academic assignment help services or homework help services. Last but not the least, keep your phones away and do not use social media before exams. The majority of the students are addicted these days. They may prevent you from studying. So, beware.

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