A Step By Step Guide To Getting A Custom Night Guard

A Step By Step Guide To Getting A Custom Night Guard

A night guard is an orthodontic appliance used to protect your teeth and prevent damage to your gums from grinding and clenching during sleep. A custom night guard is the most effective teeth guard, but it’s also more expensive than the off-the-shelf alternative. 

Luckily, some tips and tricks can help you save money on custom night guards to get the best deal possible. 

Here’s how to find and get the best custom night teeth guard for your budget and needs, so you can start sleeping better tonight!

Choosing The Right Material

Your teeth are one of the essential things in your life, and you want to make sure that they’re protected for many years to come. One way to do this is by investing in a custom-made night guard from Teeth Night Guard Lab

Made from durable lab materials and shipped within 24 hours, these guards have been shown to improve sleep patterns, and snoring, and reduce clenching. 

With so many benefits, it may be time for you to get a customized guard made now!

Taking An Impression

The second step is to take an impression of your teeth. This is done by carefully wetting your gums and placing a molding material over them. This then leaves a clay-like impression that captures the shape of your teeth with unparalleled detail. 

Then the dentist will remove any excess material before filling it with plaster or acrylic and pressing it to create a mold of your teeth.  

Before proceeding with the next step, you will need to wait for the material to harden, which takes about 20 minutes.

Cutting The Mold

Cutting the mold follows and is done the same way as cutting a cake. The technician will line up the guard with your teeth and use a straight edge to ensure it’s even all around. Then, they’ll mark it for cutting. 

They’ll start at one corner and work their way across, using a different cutter for each tooth. Cutting the mold is just one step of many that go into making your custom night guard. 

The lab technicians will use these molds to make two-night guards: One that fits over the top half of your teeth and another that fits over the bottom half. These two pieces fit together like puzzle pieces and cover all your teeth so you can rest easy, knowing they’re protected from further damage.

Once all teeth have been cut, they’ll trim off any excess material and then finish by polishing your teeth guard to eliminate rough edges.

Fitting The Mould

This step involves ensuring that the teeth guard fits in your mouth and is comfortable. Remember, this will be an item you wear every night, so it is vital to find a size that fits comfortably. 

If there are gaps between the teeth guard and your teeth, talk to your dentist about adding some extra material or a larger guard. The dentist may also use pins to hold the guard in place for you to try it out for comfort.

Fitting the mold is critical to ensure the denture lab technician understands the type of tooth protection you require. They can then customize the fit of your denture to ensure they protect as much of your natural teeth as possible while providing all-around protection against sleep apnea and other dental health issues.

In a case where the fitting of the mold becomes unsuccessful, the doctor may ask for additional impressions, which should not take more than five minutes. These impressions must be returned to the laboratory to help create a custom night guard. 

This is done by taking impressions of the teeth and creating a 3D model of them on software such as CAD/CAM. Then, based on the measurements taken during your consultation with the doctor, they will create a custom-made mold just for you!

The final product usually takes around two weeks to come back from the lab. 

You’ll be able to pop it into your mouth at night time (it feels weird at first but soon becomes second nature) and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!

Putting In The Mold

Putting in the mold follows much of the same process as cleaning your teeth at a dentist. 

First, you’ll need to brush your teeth and use mouthwash to ensure they’re nice and clean. Next, they’ll put some goop on your teeth (it tastes gross) which helps them get an accurate impression of how your teeth look and fit together. 

They will also take a few pictures of your bite with this goop on so they can see how it looks in case of any issues. Once they’ve got a good impression, they’ll remove it from your mouth, place it in their lab, and have one of their dentists work with it to create a custom night guard for you! 

You’ll get a call when it’s ready, and then you’ll be able to pick up your new custom night guard in person or schedule delivery. 

The process takes about two weeks or less, but once it’s done, you’ll finally be able to sleep soundly, knowing that your teeth are protected!

Removing The Mould

Removal of mold comes next. The patient should refrain from eating and drinking anything, including water, for at least 2 hours before their appointment. Soft foods are usually not a problem. 

They also need to ensure they have nothing in their mouth that could get trapped in the mold when it is removed. Examples include chewing gum, lip balm, or lipstick. We recommend patients remove contact lenses before their appointment and bring them with them if they need to put them back on after their appointment. 

Patients should be aware that dentures must be removed and left outside the room. Dentures can potentially interfere with taking an impression and might even fall out if someone bites down during impression taking. 

Once again, this means patients who wear dentures will not be able to eat or drink anything until they leave our office. 

Patients who wear braces must consult their orthodontist before coming in as well.

Fitting The Finished Product

Finally, it is time to put the night guard into your mouth. First, remove any food or drink from your mouth so the night guard will not become dirty and potentially cause an infection. Next, open your mouth as wide as possible and slide the night guard in. 

Once it is in place, close your mouth around it to secure it into place. Now you are ready for a good night’s sleep!

In Conclusion

Teeth Night Guard Lab has the perfect solution for you if you’re looking for a high-quality night guard to prevent grinding your teeth at night. 

With its custom night guards, the teeth will be fully supported, so they don’t come in contact with each other while worn. Their lab specializes in patient comfort and fitting all orthodontic appliances, including dentures, retainers, and face masks. 

You won’t find better quality products or personal service anywhere else.

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