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Every day, call centers handle a massive volume of calls. Businesses commonly use them to handle customer service, helpdesk, marketing, sales, and technical support calls. Some call center operators handle inbound calls, while others handle outbound calls.

Call Center For Small Business

Manage business with a call center software SMBs, in particular, can now benefit from a sophisticated suite of call center solutions features. Furthermore, they can do it without having to migrate from their current phone system or justify the cost of employing hundreds of on-staff operators. Several useful features commonly associated with call center software have appeared in today’s business Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services and are aimed at general SMBs.

What Is A Call Center Software?

Knowing call center software

First, let’s define what we’re discussing. Consider cloud- or local server-based call center software as VoIP on steroids. As previously stated, call center training solutions are typically deployed for two primary scenarios: inbound or outbound.

A customer help desk is a common inbound call center task. In this case, the call center telephony solutions would be integrated with a standard helpdesk system. It would be set up to handle multiple calls at once and route those calls to the appropriate help desk personnel based on the product the customer is calling about or whether the customer has recently called. The call center outsourcing solutions may use an intelligent phone menu or auto-attendant feature for front-end call routing. It also collects helpdesk data for later analysis and routes customer and call data to the sales department’s customer relationship management (CRM) system for potential future opportunities.

Telemarketing is the best example of an outbound call center. In this case, the call center training solutions would be integrated with a CRM system on the back end. It would employ a sophisticated predictive dialer with statistical algorithms to handle multiple outbound calls simultaneously while minimizing the time between unsuccessful calls. Successful calls are immediately routed to a free operator and associated customer marketing information.

With the migration of call center services to the cloud, the need for large and costly hardware PBXes and the associated costs of multiple phone lines has largely vanished. All of the necessary call center software (including any software you might be integrating, such as CRM or helpdesk applications) is hosted, routed, and managed via the internet as long as you have a fast internet connection.

Unless your call center is a mission-critical business function, you may not even need to purchase dedicated call center solutions. The majority of business-grade VoIP services offer some call center features as standard VoIP offerings in addition to Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) specifically for call centers for customers whose needs go beyond what the basic VoIP portfolio can accommodate. That’s beneficial because using these features wisely can assist any business in enhancing the customer experience, better mining customer data for new opportunities, and even marketing and promoting its goods and services.

Best Call Center Features For SMBs 

Call center features

Your business VoIP system may support a variety of call center-style features, depending on the system. The VoIP services listed in the table above are all of the business variety. However, the majority of them include call center functionality in varying degrees as part of the fundamental business package. Before choosing a VoIP service provider, carefully consider the call center features that your business needs. Keep in mind that virtually any provider can offer virtually any feature of call center software. Even so, you might need to upgrade your service from a standard business service to an SKU tailored specifically for call centers, which will probably come with a different (read: more expensive) pricing structure. To assist you, here are some of the most useful call center features to look for in an SMB and medium cloud-based PBX:

1. Answering Rules

Better answering rules

This call center software feature allows your phone administrator to configure rules for answering incoming calls, such as who receives the call, which makes the call, and when the call is made.

2. Auto Attendant And IVR

Effective and flexible call route

An auto-attendant complete call center solution greets incoming calls and handles basic call routing based on the caller’s input or number. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system goes a step further, offering more flexible rules for call routing and even the ability to handle certain calls without human intervention (for example, checking your credit card balance).

3. Call Monitoring

Monitor calls with the best call center training solutions

Managers can listen in on calls handled by their helpdesk, sales, or marketing teams. Effective call center training solutions are useful for training purposes and customer satisfaction and escalation.

4. Call Recording

Recording call

A call center solution, let’s call recording data, captures inbound or outbound conversations for later parsing, whether automatic or manually initiated; this aids in training and perfecting your customer experience metrics.

5. Voice mail To Delivery

Instant delivery with a complete call center solution

This is important in scenarios where the voicemail load is high but responding to every voicemail is critical. A complete call center solution enables customers’ voicemails to appear in employee email inboxes, ensures that voicemails are received, and allows employees to quickly and easily route voicemails to different or more appropriate personnel when necessary.


Now that you’ve learned about the best call center features for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, make an informed decision and upgrade your business with these call center software providers to better understand the needs and expectations of your customers.

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