Rotovator, Power Harrow & Stone Burrier – What is the difference?

Rotovator, Power Harrow & Stone Burrier – What is the difference?

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If you’re looking to mulch your lawn and garden, then the Rotovator, Power Harrow & Stone Burrier are the perfect tools for the job! You can find each of them on our online store, or ask us to deliver a mulcher mower nz-wide.

What is a Rotovator?

Rotovators are machines that use a blade to cut the grass. They work by moving the grass clippings onto a conveyor belt which then dumps them into the blade. This keeps the lawn clean and tidy without having to use a lot of effort.

What is a Power Harrow?

Power harrows are a type of industrial mower that is used to remove grass and other vegetation from large areas. They are often used in mulching applications, where they break up the clumps of grass into smaller pieces that can be easily swept up. Power harrows can also be used for ground clearing or cutting down tall shrubs and trees.

A power harrow is composed of two main parts. The drive system, which includes the blades, and the frame. The drive system is mounted on a metal frame, which is then attached to a vehicle or tractor. The blades are attached to the drive system and rotate as the machine moves across the ground.

The power harrow was invented in Norway in 1922 by Kverneland Sons Ltd. Today, Kverneland is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power harrows.

What is a Stone Burier?

There is a new type of tool on the market that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. This tool is known as a stone burier, and it is used to mulch or power harvest crops.

A stone burier works by using stones to crush or cut through the soil. This tool is perfect for use in large, flat areas such as gardens or fields. Stone buriers are also great for removing debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches from crops.

Overview of the functions of each tool:


Rotovators aerate the soil, loosen rocks and help improve weed control. Kverneland power harrow and Simba discs for sale are perfect for mulching and weed control.

Power Harrow

A power harrow is a tractor mounted mulcher that helps break up the surface soil and helps control weeds. The Kverneland power harrow is a popular choice because it has a variety of discs that can sever the stalk of plants or chop down large chunks of turf.

Stone Burrier

Stone removal is a necessary task for many landscapers and farmers. When debris accumulates on the ground, it can become a hazard to both people and animals. A stone burier is a mulcher mower that can easily remove stones and other debris from the ground. This machine is operated by an engine that provides enough power to remove even large rocks. It also has a disk harrow system that helps to loosen the soil, making it easier for the stone burier to operate. A stone burier is perfect for those who need to remove stones and other debris from their property quickly and efficiently.


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