Precaution to ride Hot Air Balloon 

Precaution to ride Hot Air Balloon 

There are three types of hot air balloon landings. Standing landing, strong wind (landing overturn) and emergency landing. 99.9% of all hot air balloon landings are standing landings or flipping. Safe and common parts of ballooning. An emergency landing occurs only if there is a risk of contact with the power line, a weather anomaly or a failure of the mechanical equipment. We’ll talk later about why hot air balloons rarely have mechanical defects or get caught in fun weather.

The balloons land safely in a strong wind (it’s unforgettable and really fun!). However, it is important that you as a passenger listen to the safety briefing and all instructions of the pilot before the landing sequence, if landing in strong winds.
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A typical landing peak occurs when the wind speed is above 8-18 kt. A strong landing wind is a wind of 18 Kt. These strong winds are usually caused by unpredictable gusts of wind, which occur during storms hundreds of miles away or weather anomalies. Hot air balloon pilots are trained to detect possible currents, and ground crews are trained to inspect nearby weather stations to warn pilots of any major incidents. Follow the instructions for the pilot and crew of the hot air balloon
It is important to follow all safety and crew instructions whenever you fly any type of aircraft. The safety instructions are designed to keep you safe. Before your hot air balloon flight, your pilot will make a safety presentation. Although everything is important in the presentation, the landing positions are very important and we will visit them here:

In any situation, the safest place in the balloon basket is for you. Do not release the balloon basket until the pilot tells you it is safe or until the balloon is completely depleted. All passengers must hold the safety handle with both hands. Before landing, you need to store cameras, phones and everything you can hold in your hand.
Passengers in a hot air balloon should bend their backs firmly with their knees bent. Basically, you do sitting on the wall.
If the pilot or crew finds that you are not following the pilot’s instructions, they are likely to raise their voices in the direction of travel. This is for your safety and it is important that you follow all the pilot’s instructions
This video below shows a strong wind landing on a passenger who did not respect the pilot’s instructions. You will notice that the pilot gives immediate instructions to make sure everything is safe (passengers are warned to stay and stay in the lane). You will notice that the male passenger is holding a camera on the phone instead of the safety handrails. (This is not an emergency landing. It is a quick landing of a hot air balloon that a pilot dropping a parachutist easily loads passengers.) It is not uncommon to guess a landing in windy areas around the country. Most passengers find this quite pleasant and it is safe for passengers to follow proper landing procedures. In Seattle, where we fly balloons, we have a little landing tip every summer and it only happens in the afternoon.

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