Most Incredible Road Trips from Liverpool

Most Incredible Road Trips from Liverpool

Feel like enjoying an amazing road trip together with your friends or family? It’s time to prepare the tourists’ equipment and discover a lot of interesting places! Liverpool provides a wide range of picturesque areas that you should visit. Ready? Here are our top places for road trips from Liverpool!

Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve

One of the greatest destinations for those who like observing birds. Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve is located 9 miles away from Liverpool. It is a habitat for thousands of water birds that migrate there every year during breeding season annually. There are 77 hectares of territory with trails for walking right near the huge flood storage reservoir.

Opening hours vary, but usually, it is from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. The trails within the reserve are rough, which is not comfortable for wheelchair usage yet. The road from Liverpool takes 20 minutes by car. The parking zone is free-to-use. If you do not have your own car, it is a good idea to book a 9 seater minibus hire in Liverpool, especially if you are planning a group trip. If you take dogs with you, keep them by your side.

Liverpool Chester Zoo

One of the most interesting places for family trips! Located in Upton-by-Chester, the zoo provides an opportunity to discover a lot about flora and fauna. The number of habitants reaches 20,000! Within the territory of 128 acres, you will be able to see a great variety of animal species:

  • Capybara
  • Aye-aye
  • Black lemur
  • Cotton-top tamarin
  • Scarlet Ibis
  • Tiger

On the official website, you can find more information about the opening hours and proposals. There is also a gift shop with themed souvenirs. 

The road from Liverpool usually takes about 30 minutes. Getting there via car is the fastest way, so minibus hire might be a good option for big group trips.


If you are seeking fantastic breathtaking mountain views, then it is time to visit Snowdonia. Located in Wales, not too far from Liverpool, this national reserve was established in 1951. Among the three Welsh parks, this one was the first to open. Snowdonia is the biggest reserve in Wales – it occupies approximately 823 sq mi.

Visit this marvellous national park to discover the mountain peaks, explore the valleys and follow small paths. The best season for a journey is summer. Tourists are allowed to camp at the official campsites, where everyone can come closer to the natural world. The best option is to go there with friends! 

Use public transport or book a 9 seater hire in Liverpool to get to Snowdonia with ease. The road takes approximately 20 minutes from the city.

Ness Botanic Gardens

This wonderful place is located not too far away from Chester and easily accessed from Liverpool. The 64 acres of the area are covered with numerous plant species, which attract plenty of tourists. Moreover, the area has picturesque views of the Dee Estuary. The founder of Ness was Arthur Kilpin Bulley. He was known as a cotton trader who began the creation of the garden in 1898. Come to this incredible area to see such plants:

  • Rhododendron – a lovely plant with spirally arranged leaves;
  • Witch-hazel – a plant, whose fruits contain a high percentage of ethereal oil;
  • Magnolia – an evergreen tree or shrub;
  • Camellia – trees and shrubs with delicate flowers that are often used in tea making.

Ness Botanic Gardens is open throughout the year.

Lake District National Park

Enjoy fantastic scenery with lakes, provided by the Lake District National Park! Established in 1951, the area became a famous tourist attraction. There you can find Windermere – the biggest lake that reaches 10.5 miles in length. There are also such ponds as Coniston, Grasmere, Rydal, and even more others!

Among the activities available, visitors are allowed to have a walk or try a ferry tour. You are welcome to visit local restaurants, such as The Gaddum, to have a rest. Don’t forget to grab some souvenirs from the local gift shop!

Liverpool Crosby Beach

It is a place where art, modern life, and a sea coast meet each other. It is a part of Liverpool Port and belongs to the coastline of Merseyside. In 2011 the place received a Keep Britain Tidy’s Quality Award.

The other interesting fact about the beach is that you can find a sculpture installation there. The creator is Antony Gormley – a British artist. The art piece is called Another Place. The installation consists of the iron figures spread all over the territory of the coast. The number of the figures reaches 100! The artist used the body of his own as a reference to create the display. This installation attracts thousands of tourists every year and looks magnificent in the background of the sea with the wind power plants.

Visitors can take pictures of the area and stroll along Crosby Beach. You can hire a 9 seater van or go there by train from Liverpool. You will spend less time getting there by car (about 20 minutes).


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