Mibo Revoo in the test – The 28/28 racing scooter

Mibo Revoo in the test – The 28/28 racing scooter

With the Mibo Revoo, the Czech manufacturer has a genuine 28/28 racing scooter in its range. Not a particularly common but interesting and shapely variant. This scooter was built for the racetrack. For the asphalt, for kilometers, and for speed.


With great anticipation, I accepted the package with the scooter-typical dimensions. The grey outer packaging does not yet suggest which piece of jewelry adorns the interior. When unpacking the individual parts, three thoughts come to me. First of all, as always,under armour knee sleeve surprised by how few components a scooter consists of. Frame, handlebars, two wheels, and in this case the two supplied quick releases. This purism makes me happy every time anew.

In addition, I check whether all parts are properly packed and no component has been delivered with transport damage. Thanks to proper packaging, polystyrene, and padding, the Revoo arrived safely and safely with me. Leadsguru

At the last thought, however, a small disappointment spread. Apart from the actual components, there is exactly nothing in the cardboard box. No assembly instructions, no supplement, no brochure. Nothing. In the higher price range, I would like to be picked up – and my expectations are purely subjective. I would like to leaf through a small brochure that shows the successes of the company, that shows me the celebrity drivers, or gives information about the elaborate and handmade manufacturing process. But at least I would like to be able to check on the basis of a supplement whether all individual parts were supplied.


There is not much to assemble with scooters. The Mibo Revoo is no exception. Mount handlebars on the stem, hang wheels with a quick release, and adjust the brakes. Experienced hands need a few minutes for the steps. External help could only be needed when adjusting the brakes. However, those who have already installed wheel brakes will not suffer a shipwreck here. Also positive is that some parts are already pre-assembled.

The first impression

Now there it is, my Mibo Revoo. And he looks good. Black as a panther and at least as fast. Its deep-running board reminds me directly of a sports car. After all, the aerodynamics are only gone when my 193 cm position themselves upright like a tower on the running board. But the scooter can’t do anything for that. And I still get my back down 😉 well

First, let’s look at the heart of the Mibo Revoo, the frame. This was made of steel and weighs just once 3.8 kilograms. It comes in the – for connoisseurs unmistakable – Mibo frame design. The welds are cleanly processed.

Its live weight of < 8 kilograms including all components also impresses me. As a rule, only carbon scooters are decisively lighter, but they also tear a larger hole in the household budget. What is also immediately noticeable – due to the branding – are the installed components. A carbon fork front, Campagnolo Khamsin wheels, Shimano brake lever, Campagnolo brakes, and Schwalbe Durano tires. All in all, more than neat. If you only add up the unit prices of the components mentioned, you already have a proud, installed sum.

Yes, the scooter elicits more than a smile from me and has the potential to fill the gap of the racing scooter, although I have no ambitions to participate in races. Moving quickly and making kilometers, that’s why it was purchased.

The first test drive

Admittedly, the first test drive was short. Maybe two kilometers. And yet it is the first impressions that will shape for a long time. My previous scooters were by no means so smooth-running. Compared to the Fat Max from Kickbike you can say “steam locomotive against D-train”, whereby the comparison is of course hard and unfair. The Fat Max is also a lot of fun in its own way. The 28-inch models turn extremely smoothly and eat their first kilometers with pleasure. Yes, that makes you feel good.

Due to my height of 193 cm, the handlebar and stem look a bit low for my stature, here my long-term test of the Mibo Revoo will then show whether I retrofit here again.

Long-term experience

After the first 300 kilometers, I allow myself to write my experiences. The Mibo Revoo is a racing scooter as I had hoped for it. The low running board (approx. 4 cm) slides just above the ground and touches down quickly in the event of unevenness. In the beginning, it still hurt, this noise when the running board scrapes over the ground. But these notches are collected by every scooter in the course of his life. With every unevenness, you learn and can adjust to it.

The running behavior has really given me pleasure so far. As the main purpose, I had intended the Revoo for fitness tours and here it meets my expectations. It is light, robust and visually I also like it very much. I have not adjusted the handlebar height so far, but I was made aware in the immediate vicinity that it looks at least disproportionate. A bit as if I could walk over the handlebars at any moment, the better half pronounced the whole thing once figuratively.

I was a bit surprised that the scooter has no disc brakes. I would have expected this at the price anyway. However, my assumption was confirmed when I wrote to Pavel from manufacturer Mibo and asked. Disc brakes are heavier than the classic jaw brakes and therefore the manufacturer decided against it with its racing scooter. That is understandable, but I would like to see both variants on the manufacturer’s side. I like to drive fast, but no competitions where maybe the last gram still counts. For home use, I would therefore prefer a disc brake.

I will rebuild the handlebars and stem again at times, but in the included version I am still satisfied. The handles are padded and can be easily packed.

I can also report on two – involuntary – excursions through the terrain, like the navigation app Komoot has let me down twice. Here I was very worried about the wheels and the still young tires. The Durano tires installed ex-works are not made for this. If the cross excursions pile up, I will probably switch to Durano DD or Durano Plus. I received the tip from “Martina”, at this point thank you very much. The Revoo survived the rides on forest and gravel roads and a small trail-like section unscathed, although the fun factor does not come up. The low running board reported loud and repeated contact with the ground.

My current average speed is about 18-19 km/h on the Revoo and thus well above the performance of my other scooters.

All in all, as expected, you can make rapid progress with the scooter. Due to the deep, narrow running board, the pedaling movement is simplified and is more pleasant in the movement sequence for longer distances.

I don’t like the fact that I bumped both ankles on the scooter several times. On the left side at the quick release of the front wheel, with the right leg on the mounting nut of the rear wheel. On the left side, I suspect that it is due to my height and the degree of exhaustion. After several kilometers, the posture/body tension decreases, and then “it rings”. The rear mother, however, I also caught the “normal” kicking. Here I will probably have to remedy this by masking/padding or by wearing ankle protection.

Update: I promptly received feedback that 28/28 scooters for tall riders don’t have the optimal geometry and I’m not the only one skinning my bones. If you are squeamish here, take a look at the alternative wheel sizes 28/24 or 28/20. I will keep you up to date here if the situation is improving for me and how I will deal with it.

What you should know about Mibo Revoo

Due to the orientation for races and competitions,knee pads for flooring the scooter has some special features, or it lacks some features/components that are more often found on the scooter for other purposes. This does not make the scooter better / worse, I just want to make sure you know what you are getting here.

A racing scooter like the Revoo is not foldable

The Revoo has no disc brakes

The Revoo has no suspension fork, this robs pedaling energy/speed

The Revoo does not have a stand to park

Tires and running board height are ideal for the road, not for off-road

The Revoo has a bell 😉 as standard

Each Revoo frame is checked by chief welder Rosta and cools down for 24 hours so that it does not deform later


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